By sarahbeth93 - United States
Today, I told my boyfriend to stop tickling me, since I absolutely hate being tickled. He got extremely pissed at me and left the room. It took me a full five minutes to realize that I'd called him by my ex's name. FML
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  baden18830  |  5

that sort of thing doesn't just happen unless you think about the ex all the time. I have plenty of ex's that were serious and I've Never done that, never even came close

By  Hald  |  10

when i started dating my wife, I told her it was gonna happen sooner or later, almost all my ex-gf's names are very alike.. she understands, just never do it in the bed!

  geeksaresexy  |  18

My two cousins (who are brothers) both got married a few years ago. One married a Kelly and the other a Kerry. My uncle gets their names wrong ALL the time! Both get incredibly offended by it because Kerry is a stuck up bitch, Kelly is a council house kid and they hate each other.

I find it hilarious every time he gets it wrong :)

  cimh  |  9

Wow... I'd be so mad if my bf would say another name in bed! But I honestly mix up different names all the time - but not necessarily ex-bf-names but just different names!

  bpell15  |  5

I think it's funny people talking about her boobs like they've never seen any before. clearly she can wear whatever she likes. and it doesn't matter what anyone on this site says.

By  Ugi  |  26

You can't really blame him being pissed off at that now can you?

However, tickling is cruel and unusual and anything you say while being tickled should automatically be expunged from the record so ultimately it is equally his fault!

  gofferurself  |  10

Why do you need to use his name though? Unless several people are tickling you, something like "Stop **** tickling me, I hate it and if you do it again no sex for a week" should work just fine.

  Ugi  |  26

43 - that's a very good point, but does require the ability to compose a rational sentence. Anyone sufficiently ticklish will tell you that this is not easy to do while being tortured!