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  Moy_fml  |  6

On the bottom of every FML you can vote "Your life sucks" or "You deserved it."
In this case: She deserved it for dating a freak: YDI. :)


Today my girlfriend told me her fantasy was for me to eat her out on the dinner table, when I told her my fantasy, her dressing in a Pikachu costume, she looked disgusted. FML

  Starchild21  |  3


How the fuck is she a freak who deserved it? All she wanted was some oral action, big deal if it's on the kitchen table. Fantasies are desires, and the fact that his sexual desire was to see her in a Pikachu costume says wonders about his thinking.

That is truly a sexual deviant.


  Ucla_cupcake  |  0

TBman256 I really hope you're joking around. Cause if not, boy is that sad lol. As to No_Heart, I see nothing wrong with doing kinky things on table, as long as other people don't eat on that table.

P.S. this might be a laugh for some. I thought YDI meant: You're a dumb idiot

  fourthmonth  |  0

pokemon is a rat? i just thought it was some sort of solarobot-thingy tripped out yellow thing.
whatever it is, my son has a ton of the cards.
and i gotta throw imaginary poke-balls at him in defense.

  nomadxx7  |  0

Freaky/creepy =/= bad sex though. I've had some really kinky chicks and I can tell you I won't forget some of those experiences. So yeah it may be weird/freaky but it's not harmful and I'm sure you'll remember the night for a long time to come.