By Kit - 16/09/2013 11:09 - United Kingdom - Swindon

Today, I told my boyfriend I loved him. He told me he was a dinosaur. FML
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Did he tell you RAWR? That means "I Love You" in dinosaur.

Hit him with a meteor!


Hit him with a meteor!

I don't know about you, but every time I think of meteors I think of Joe Dirt. Just a mental image of him eating French fries off the big pile of frozen shit. Haha.

Did he tell you RAWR? That means "I Love You" in dinosaur.

Just think, when they have kids, the boyfriend would be referred to as "Not the Mama"!

I'm pretty sure RAWR means "I'm going to eat you!" in dinosaur.

#67 - you're wrong. It means "I love you." Only reason T-Rex say it with such anger and passion is because their arms aren't long enough to cuddle. So they be pissed. :(

Well according to Rodney Carrington the reason the t-Rex was always so mad was because his arms were too short to touch his tallywacker

Actually T-rex used his tiny arms to tickle their mates. Foreplay is important people, even for T-rex.

pro pyrocynical reference

I know the fml community will think that is oh so terribly quirky..but honestly if I was with someone like that, id beat them to death with a pillow filled with bars of soap.

Yeah well your name is also princess peach so that shows us your total lack of sense.

75: Princess Peach is fuckin' awesome, you're trippin'. tear fools up at some good ol Mario Kart.

punch him. violence solves everything.

Don't just punch him, punch him in the dick. That solves everything.

\ 28

Then scaphize him, behead him, put him in a wood chipper and turn him into compost.

then chain him in front of the tv and, with no access to the remote, make him watch the channel that shows him all the functions of the tv remote.

Jesus Christ, 33! You have to be the cruelest person I've ever heard of! I never want to cross you the wrong way..

Wouldn't wanna be your boyfriend then ._.

#33 calm down there Satan.

#33 That is the best and worst idea I have ever heard of.

33 The idea is off family guy.

Nah, it's Tyrannosaurus Sex

So, his love for you is extinct?

Never lose your dinosaur.

But OP's boyfriend is a human being...he could never be a dinosaur.

Don't crush his dreams, 40

He's seventeen years old! It's time to put away childish things!

He needs to stop being a fucking dinosaur and find a job.

My husband calls me all sorts of pet names. Dinosaur is one of them. When he does I say "rawr" cause that means I Love You. Most people think it cute.

78 - I think thats adorible!

#73 What if said job requires him to be a dinosaur? :3

Herbivorous or carnivorous? If he's the later of the two. I would leave the relationship. Just saying.

Carnivor (sp) just means he eats meat. (no peoples or dinosaurs) I like a good steak, but I wouldnt want you anyway.

Dump him!! And make him a Single-o-saurus!

\ 28

Or she could make like the Brontosaurus and DISAPPEAR.

They died. Dont listen to him, Op. Dont die.

that didn't make you love him more?