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Today, I told my boyfriend I loved him for the first time. His response was to smile and pat me on the head. FML
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Im sorry but better that than him lying

Who's a good girl? You are, oh yes you are!


I suspect it's not reciprocal then...

no, the boy loves her too, only that he loves her the way he loves his dog. "awww she loves me, what a good girl"

Did he give it to u doggystyle after that?

@24 - that's the point where it either gets very disturbing, or fun in an incredibly kinky way.

Am I the only one who found this semi-cute...?

^ forever alone

There is no sense in getting worked up. He was being honest! Maybe he could have handled it better, but at least he didn't lie to you. Give it time and be patient. He really IS a keeper if he is always honest with you.

"I love you...". *pat pat "that'll do my pet, that'll do."

Im sorry but better that than him lying

Like 99.99% of all the other Relationship FML's, where the guy lies/cheats.

Did he say "good girl" and give you a treat?

18 Way to stereotype. And in case you didn't know, women cheat too.

"Good Female dog, good."

I call that the Michael Corleone Syndrome

Ahahaha he's a keeper!

Maybe he's not quite "there" yet? Give him some time! It could've been worse, he could've dumped you for dropping the L-Bomb too soon.

Wait, what do you mean with "Maybe he's not quite "there" yet"? He's her boyfriend ffs... I always thought that having a boyfriend meant that you had a loving relationship. If you're with someone who doesn't love you, why call him your boyfriend? At least, that's my humble opinion.

And that's why it's your opinion. People now days throw around "I love you" like beads at Mardi Gras. I think I would have been pretty fucking creeped out if my girlfriend told me she loved me the first day of our relationship. That's my opinion.

But then I think: why call it a relationship if you don't love the other person? When I just 'liked' my future boyfriend, I called the thing that we had 'dating'. From the moment I liked him enough to think about a future with eachother (and vice versae), we were boy- and girlfriend. And we loved eachother. Not as much as we would do later on, but it was a start. I'm very sorry, but I've never understand the 'we are in a relationship, but we don't love eachother yet' situation. My sister is married to a guy while she couldn't say in front of us that she loved him. Never understood it.

You are probably a bit different. But sometimes love is just grown from a simple relationship. You can just be dating and not love the girl/boy quite yet. But you think they're fun to be with and your attracted to them but with time you start seeing it more, you see you are in love then utter the words I love you. It makes it most special when you don't say it till you actually feel it. You have to be careful with such powerful words.

53, She never said you have to say it on the first day of dating the guy, she was just pointing out how it's not really a "relationship" until you do love each other. I've never thought about it before, but I agree with her. If you'be just been on a couple of dates, or hung out a couple of times, it's hardly a relationship.

53 - Those last two sentences are 110% true. I've always hated it when girls dropped it way too early and then got mad at me later because I was waiting..

Man, you guys are champions of mission the point.

It takes TIME to love someone. You can't just go on a few dates and then decide "k, I love them. We can be in a relationship now." I mean, for some people it's like that, but it isn't that way for most. In my opinion, if you really like the person, love spending time with them, are attracted to them and aren't looking for anyone else, you can say you're in a relationship.

74, once again, who said anything about how far into the relationship to fall in love or say I love you? No one. Djpee's post was predominantly about linguistics more than anything else. All she said is she doesn't agree with calling it a relationship UNTIL the people involved fall in love, without mentioning a time frame of any kind. Just dating is not a relationship. It's just dating. She never said once you start dating you have to automatically be in love, as you are all interpreting it. Jesus, can't people read anymore?

81- you obviously didn't read the part where I said it was my OPINION that you can say you're in a relationship without being in love with the person yet. When two people are just "dating" you have no tie or commitment to that person. You can date all you want, whomever you want. Relationships usually require a commitment and a mutual understanding of what it is.

I considered myself to be in a relationship before loving my boyfriend. I liked him a lot, loved being with him and stopped looking around. We were only with each other. In my opinion, that is a relationship, not just dating.

Okay shroomonacid, I wasn't disagreeing with the girl. Chill. So quick to be a hater. I got her point I even said "your probably different" and then said my own opinion. Everyone has a right to their own opinions.

I'm not going to jump and say he is an asshole. How long you two been dating? If it's a week then he should have a fml as well.

Who's a good girl? You are, oh yes you are!

you love daddy? you love daddy dont you? ooh yes you dooo :) arent you the cutest little pup!?

Did he feed you a treat?

Ok, I'm sorry... But Im plotting to steal you. Too cute of a cat to simply be sitting on a newspaper.

Make him a sandwich and I guarantee he'll say it back ;)

Make me a chicken sand-witch with some waffle fries for free! and get me a doctor pepper bitch.