By Anonymous - Poland - Warsaw
Today, I told my boss I'm going to quit, after months of being abused, doing meaningless work, and working late every day. I was soon given so many new projects that I didn't even have time to write my resignation letter. FML
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It's courtesy to give them a heads-up before making it official. Though with the way they treated and are still treating OP, it's a courtesy they don't deserve. Sorry, OP :( Keep your chin up and do it, at least you'll still be getting paid. Hopefully you can secure a new job in the meantime!

By  Im2Shy  |  16

Do the projects wrong on purpose so he'll have to get them all fixed. Then write a beautiful resignation letter. Good luck and hope your new employer treats you better :-)

  Jjan04  |  14

Yeah, hun, some people have real jobs that are a little more important than McDonalds. To stop showing up to said job would be like shooting yourself in the foot. The point of a 2 weeks notice is to keep a good standing for references from previous employers. Not to ruin them.

  Enkeria  |  30

If OP has informed their boss of quitting, they have the legal right to stop showing up. You don't have to give a two weeks notice unless you're being nice.

  Mauskau  |  35

Actually you do. Your notice period is stated in your contract that you sign when you start your employment. It varies depending on your probation period, also what the company specifies as the notice period. If you stop showing up, they can easily give you a bad reference and ruin your chances when getting or starting a new job. You need to be professional.

  elusiveshame  |  22

2 weeks notice is not required, and most states in the USA are "right to work" states, which means you can walk out or be fired for any reason without any notice.

  browneyed019  |  3

two weeks is never necessarily required, what the other individual commenting is trying to say is that in order to maintain good standing in the workforce you need to have one. When you add your prior employment to your resume or application they don't just get ignored, they're one there for a reason and your potential new employer will call those places, and therefore you want to keep in good standing and put in a two weeks notice.