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  lindseyxox  |  0

sweetie piee she wasnt trying to tell her she was pretty she was just saying you have the features of your mom and the daughter took it as in being ugly like mom,,, people have always told me i looked like my dad i never took as i look like a 50 yr old man


@3: LMAO!! My god it's nice to have some decent, funny trolling!! We've had to put up with morons like jandersonii and M13LO for a while now, so this was a breath of fresh air.

"YDI for living in the Milky Way"... if you don't mind, I may just have to steal that and use that in a conversation some time.

  calamito  |  0

When I was little my mother told me I looked like her. I was mortified. I never thought my mother was pretty, but now at 50, she's looking pretty good. Don't worry, OP, she'll come around. =D

By  stryder  |  1

wow, i would probably tell her "your really hurting my feelings. i guess you dont care about how i feel."

make that little bitch feel horrible.