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By  NorfolkDude  |  2

When you say you told a girl you like that you liked her, did she happen to be a close friend of yours? Or maybe you were going out a few times? Or did you just walk up to her, told her you liked her? Because if that's what you did, you know walk up to her, then yeah, she's going to react like that. This is lesson learned in that you just don't blurt out your feelings.

By  sillypun  |  0

usually, upon first meeting a girl I am interested in... at some point as we are first getting to know each other i will bust out this little gem:

"I'm not looking for any more friends"

say this with a coy smile and she will know whats up. then you can stop wasting your time with people who may not be interested in you.

at first its tough to position yourself as a love interest rather than a friend but with practice anyone can learn.