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  tomvertigo  |  17

"I hope whatever kind of day you wish to have you are capable of having and if you are not capable then I am sorry for you, if that is okay with you" is the new "Have a nice day. "

  derangedplanet  |  23

I feel like I need more story here. why was the customer so upset in the first place, what was the had day, what happened that could have caused her to almost lose her job. so many questions. so few answers

  TreeTreeMan  |  23

Have a great day! Sincerely, when I was in retail I loved when people said that back and smiled. Really made me happy people actually care about each other to some degree

By  gobiteme2  |  34

P C running amok in the U S say anything nice someone is going to be mad. say anything negative someone is going to be mad. don't say anything and someone is going to be mad. Sadly I don't even work in the retail field., l just see how people act.

By  tlnorman  |  18

Omg is your boss an idiot? "Have a nice day" is the staple comment everyone who works in customer service says. How were you supposed to know the customer would turn into an emotional basket case. You did the right thing OP.