By anon - United States
Today, I threw up after drinking a smoothie my mother made me. She then called me "ungrateful" and "immature" for not liking what she spent a long time making for me. I later found out that not only did she use expired yogurt, it was also a mango smoothie, which I'm allergic to. FML
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  LlamaUprising  |  10

I suppose, and I honestly forgot that fact. Still, that reaction seems a little bit over the top. Even if she did have a fit over something as minimal as that, it doesn't need a similar reaction following it.

  MsMourningStar  |  22

Luckily, 15, not all kids/teens act like this. Some of us still have manners. Was it wrong of OP's mom to give her spoiled yogurt? Yes but she may not have realized it was spoiled. And was it a terrible mistake to give her mangos knowing she's allergic? Yes but sometimes parents forget thing they're only human. I mean I've been allergic to tomatoes as long as I can remember and my mom still forgets and tries to feed me them every once in a while. And yes OP's mom did over react but that doesn't mean OP should do the same thing. It's called being mature and taking the high road.

  Acik91  |  26

It's not a way to call anybody, really, let alone one's mother. I wonder how your mother raised you for you to have no respect at all, #7.


I'm sorry #23 my mother didn't raise me at all, I don't have one. And yes #32 it was sarcasm. I didn't LITERALLY mean say those things and fucking break her nose and kill her. Damn, people always want to be do serious and smart. But then when they're put in a similar situation they'd snap at the gecko.

  Raidriar  |  14

40, you're pathetic. You consistently defend yourself, then at the end, say you were being sarcastic. It's fairly obvious you were not being sarcastic in the least, and saying that was just a pitiful way of trying to escape with a shred of dignity.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

Reminds me of my In-Law unit. She hoards food because she doesn't want people 'wasting' it by eating it too fast...then she'll make a huge meal out of it after it has expired.

I have never had food poisoning before meeting here, I swear. She always got so mad when I got sick too, claiming I was faking it. 8I Sound logic!~