By Life of the party - 19/08/2009 05:13 - France

Today, I threw a party while my parents were gone. I forgot that our alarm automatically turns on at 11 pm, so when people opened the door, it went off. I couldn't find the number for the alarm company, so the cops showed up. Everyone started cheering because they thought they were strippers. FML
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NGM_47 0

Yeah...cause strippers show up in cop cars -_- Your friends must have been really drunk not to know that.

Strippers that show up in cars with strobe lights? DAMN! YOU MUSTA PUT IN EXTRA!


Monty_Python 0

first >_> WTF is this

Yea I'm good thanks anyways my friend threw a party while his parents were gone and his parents found out cause people stole all his tv remotes. I told him that he's been watching too much tv, and yep just like on tv he got caught, stupid kid.

The last sentence was the killer :D:D:D

fckinbowdown 0

WTF. did you get arrested? what happened after the cops came? more info or else this is a stupid fml

NGM_47 0

Yeah...cause strippers show up in cop cars -_- Your friends must have been really drunk not to know that.

Escapist28 0

You've clearly never heard of the wondrous Hot Cops.

#42, isn't is illegal to drive around in a marked cop car with a light bar and shit if you're not a cop? And I'm not being sarcastic here, I'm really not sure. But I think it is illegal. OP: That story is fucking hilarious. I learned never to do shit like that for similar reasons. But you just made my day.

Escapist28 0

Well, they must be strippers. Look how hot they are! Arrested Development fans, please back me up. I know this must come to mind when "cops" and "strippers" are in the same place.

lilyoakwood 0

I call fake just because of AD... XD They're just strippers!!! LOOK HOW HOTT THEY ARE!! COME ON!

#52 and #53, you guys are my heroes!!!! best show ever! PLUS, it's my most favorite line from the whole show =)

Have u not watched "what happens in Vegas" ???? my friends once thought the pizza guy was gonna be a stripper.. people have WILD imaginations when you add alcohol.... !!!

Sounds like an awesome party, lol.

So don't throw parties when your parents are gone? Stupid kid.

if you cant throw a party when your parents are gone, when the hell can you? stupid adult

exactly... its probably sum 45 year old dad

your obviously going to get caught - it's still worth it though

curryndricegirll 0

this kid should have stopped right after the first sentence. YDI. and wow, really people? you do something you're not supposed to, you deserve the consequences. so sure, he could have had fun and thrown the party, but he can't just expect not to get caught or expect any sympathy either.

waterynuggets 0

This FML brought to you by that one episode in every 90s comedy show.

sublime93 0

I totally agree with you

Strippers that show up in cars with strobe lights? DAMN! YOU MUSTA PUT IN EXTRA!

Paigggee 0

Haha that made me lol! But why must every teen throw a party when their parents are gone? Don't you think they would have found out some other way?

lol123mely 0

i dont throw parties when my parents are gone -_- pretty much my parents are NEVER gone :|

My parents are never gone either. I can't believe there are so many parents out there who are out for like the whole night, because my parents have NEVER left me alone in the house for the whole night. Anyway, even if they did I wouldn't have a party.

#56 are you under 16 or something? If not then you should be able to look after yourself, and your parents are aloud to leave you at home alone when you're that old.

ah yes, your profile states you were born in 1995. so you should be 15 turning 16 or maybe you're already 16. so quit whinging, you're not a baby anymore.

I threw a party once while my parents were gone.... Or more like arranged one.... It was a surprise anniversary party for them....

Kiwi_Splash 0

HAHAHHAHA. Good luck getting outta that one ;)

who doesn't know their own alarm code? that seems like important info. YDI for being a dumbass

Really it's like your parents giving you a house key so you can get in when you get home, or the code to the garage door opener(something to that extent).

Don't really believe this. You should be able to disable your alarm even if it's automatically turn on. And the stripper part only happens in movies.