By Stupid - 18/09/2013 08:46 - United States - Lake Saint Louis

Today, I thought that an ingenious way to protest against high tuition prices would be to steal a box of soymilk from my university dining hall. The box exploded in my backpack. Not only did I lose all my soymilk, I now have replace my $120 calculator. FML
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Barriaultcory 16

Worst protest ever

Right. Because one form of stealing justifies another petty one. :p At least the university Told you their prices before you went, and you Still made the choice to go. No matter how I look at this, it's still your fault, sorry. ;p


Barriaultcory 16

Worst protest ever

who steals soy milk anyway? at least steal good milk

Yeah, steal from the school. That way theyvll see the error of their ways and lower tuition. Oh wait, they'll just jack up tuition even more to cover the losses from theft. Schmuck.

Bet he didn't calculate that into his plans

As bad as it sounds I do this all the time. I take a cookie or brownie from the bakery shelf and stick it in my pocket and walk out. For all the money I pay the school the least they can do is not make me pay for a $1.50 cookie or a $0.25 roll

Gotta love entitled jackasses.

Two wrongs don't make a right!

83 had better get more thumbs up. That may be the first well thought out joke I have seen here.

Clearly OP is from Quebec... A box of Soymilk is about the cost of their tuition anyways.

people at my school steal food all the time -.- they walk away infront of all the athorities and no one says anything and im just having a spasm

tjv3 10

YDI stealing is wrong

i bet your from AB or SK# 130 but we re highest taxed province so who care of low tuitition

Ontario actually, and from the way you're spelling... It is quite clear that you don't have any use for tuition.

CloudKumo 12

Nobody's forcing you to take your child to school. You could always just homeschool them.

Right. Because one form of stealing justifies another petty one. :p At least the university Told you their prices before you went, and you Still made the choice to go. No matter how I look at this, it's still your fault, sorry. ;p

College price goes down to 0 if you're kicked out!

\ 28

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Not really because you would still have to had pay for that year and previous ones

Really??? Trying to steal milk? We have no future then

Worse than milk, it was soymilk!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I could almost think passed it if it was that delicious almond milk, but soy milk? Really? I would have taken like 10 of those little cartons of strawberry milk they give you in school.. I miss those little cartons..

Ha, that's what you get for stealing

1) How is it a protest if no one knows about it? 2) If giving people a free box of soya-milk would make them stop complaining, then they would take that deal without a second. You didn't hurt them one bit. 3) Really? A felony as a protest? How about the risk of getting kicked out, just for a box of soya-milk?

Stealing soy milk is a felony?.. Or did I misunderstand you

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Wrong. Depending on the value of the item you steal, it can range from misdemeanor to felony.

I don't think it was actually meant as a protest, it's just creative wording. It's more likely that OP wanted milk, didn't have enough money or wouldn't have had much left over had he bought it, thought about stealing it instead and 'justified' their actions by reminding themselves that the reason they didn't have much money was because they were having to pay ridonkulous amounts of tuition fees.

Octwo 16

Burglary is a misdemeanor, not a felony. Robbery is a felony, there's a big difference.

There are other categories, too. Petty theft, theft, grand theft.

Be that as it may, I find it highly unlikely that a college would pursue such a petty "crime"

No I'm pretty sure it's a misdemeanor. A box of soy milk isn't exactly grand larceny

Koios 30

#82 Burglary can be either a felony or misdemeanor depending on whether it's first or second degree burglary.

#88, "Grand Theft Soy Milk"

So stealing one box of milk was going to make a difference? C'mon OP really?

Well, obviously, you just need to follow the chaos theory: One box of soy milk missing will cause the math student to pick the one next to it, which unfortunately hasn't been refridgerated correctly. He'll get an upset stomach, which will cause him to miss the study session he planned for the next exam. His studying partner will then be affected enough to not study aswell, causing him to fail the exam, which will lead to his parents taking him out of school. His little sister will be upset about him coming back and vent to her best friend, who will be annoyed by this and gets abusive towards her pet dog. The dog will bite his owner when he returns home from work, who will yell at his co-worker the next day. The co-worker was fired that same day, which is why he'll snap and drive his car into the river to commit suicide. The news of this death will distract another car driver, who was listening to the radio, for long enough so that he crashes into a lantern on the college's campus, leaving it permanently out of angle, but not enough to warrant repairment immediately. 2 weeks later, a bird will land on said lantern, bringing it out of balance which causes it to crash into a window nearby, leaving the college to pay for the damages. An insanely nefarious plan, if I may say so myself.

Holy fuck my side hurts! Well thought out and original, a pleasure to read! -The New York Times

Avenueoftrees 15

Best thing I've read all year!

Obey_StudBoii 23

Holy crap lol how did you come up with that? Evil Genius I must say

cancels out?

well, I'm Soywy that happened, But you shouldn't milk the situation, and deal with it.

I'm going home after that comment :(

emirie 21

I giggled

It's a shame those high tuition fees don't pay for common sense.

If only common sense could be taught, or failing that, purchased.

Nice one!

Or stolen.

That's karma for ya

Yes, karma is a bitch.