By imaloser - Canada
Today, I thought my boyfriend of 6 years was going to propose to me. We're highschool sweethearts and he was my first. Just when he was looking into my eyes he says, " I've been seeing someone else for 2 years and I'm choosing her over you... it was a tough decision". FML
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  americuzz  |  8

once a cheater always a cheater....

op - tell the other woman. if she didn't know plan for his murder... or better yet don't think about it & just do it & say it was a "crime of passion" instead of pre-meditated murder. >:)

  BamBAmGG  |  14

Chances are he'll do the exact same to the girl he left OP for once he starts losing interest which he very likely will soon. OP is better off without him. Shame OP dedicated 6 years to a pos cheater though.

By  HeyitsPheddy  |  0

I hate FMLs like this. I mean if you're in love with someone for two years, you can pretty much tell when they aren't in love with you. You probably say high school sweethearts and your first, he probably says your some random girl he fucked. There's other guys out there...just make sure they actually like you.

  bubble243  |  0 have some serious issues for turning it around and blaming it on her. First...she said she was with him for 6 years and the other woman was there for 2. Second...its not brain science to fool a woman who is in love with a man, expecially when the relationship started for them at such a young age.