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  CDS09  |  0

agreed...any time an FML starts with "I thought it would be funny" or something similar its usually a YDI

Could be fake, but its still possible.

  ReasonsToFly  |  0

It's not very funny when you cut someone's hair. These guys I know started cutting my hair "as a joke" in class, but then they got in trouble. My hair isn't tied back or passed my shoulders. Also I'm a guy.

  SuperMeme  |  0

Dude, it's an username. Not everyone puts down something clever related to the first FML they post as their username.



Now we wait 'till someone flames me...

  gram69  |  2

He was doing his buddy a favor by cutting that rat tail off. Chicks for the most part do not dig rat tails. Then the thanks he gets for increasing his buddy's chance of getting laid is a brick through the window? FYL

  brkn_hearted  |  0

just be glad you didn't cut my hair. not only would i have put a brick through your windshield and every other window you had, i would've slashed your tires, slit up your seats and carpet, keyed the shit out of whatever you were driving, break all your headlights, take a hammer or something blunt to your doors, jammed something in your ignition so you couldn't start the fucking thing, but ALSO made sure that a whole shit load of paint would've been peeled off...

oh yeah, AND kicked you in your crotch. you do NOT fuck with someone's hair REGARDLESS if it's a joke.


Well, I'm surprised he didn't throw the brick through your face.. How could you so stupid, as to believe that he would find it funny.. He grows rat-tails and throws bricks at windshields.. I don't a quick trip to the barber shop, would have put him into a laughing coma..

  Contra  |  0

Surely the username relates to people not knowing what a rat tail is and thinking 'omg, poor animal!!!!' which was the reaction the OP was going for?

Rat tails suck, but the window was a bit of an over-reaction IMO.

By  babylon_pride  |  0

YDI. Though also FHL for having that bad of a hair cut.

Though, I did at first think you tried to cat off your friend's rat's tail. Then I was going to say you deserved a lot more.

By  Ilovelife07  |  0

wow i really hope you guys above me are joking. A rats tail is that stupid thing kids have where they have a "tail" of hair coming out of the back of their neck.

Unless the kid was under the age of 10, you did him a favor by cutting it off

  kukopia  |  0

No matter how retarded or stupid you think it is, you CANNOT dispose of things that aren't yours. A ponytail takes YEARs to grow! It's more personal than almost any posession.

I'm sure there are things you all have that others think are retarted or stupid. Yet you still have them...

I'd pour diesel fuel in thru the broken windshield... and then... yeaa....

  lordmoe  |  0

a rat tail is not a ponytail, rat tails can be grown in about 6 months and its not all of your hair that goes into it, just a little bit from the bottom of your hair just above your neck.