By Anonymous - Australia - Weston
Today, I thought it would be nice to park my new car under a big, shady oak tree to prevent it from heating up in the sun. The big, shady oak tree thought it would be nice to shed a massive branch on top of my new car. FML
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  peachesncreem  |  21

It was about 30-40 degrees celsius (86-104 fahrenheit) the last 2 weeks. That's how hot it gets in December here. Even hotter actually because Summer has only just started.

  eddeeezzyy  |  19

I know this sounds like a really stupid question, but I'm still curious, 11, so you guys celebrate Christmas in summer then? When it's all hot and everything?

  eddeeezzyy  |  19

Yeah, I feel really stupid about posting that first comment. I think it's just that I've always imagined Christmas being celebrated when it's all cold, never in the heat. Please excuse me, everyone.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

It doesn't feel the same because it isn't what you are use too. Just like an Australian would think it feels different if it is snowing.

And asking if they celebrate Christmas in the summer is a stupid question.

  Virginia6810  |  16

Wow, 74, thank you for clearing that up. If it weren't for you I would have never figured out WHY it didn't feel the same...

And, no question is stupid. He was brave enough to ask.

  UberNova  |  18

At least this...At least that..... People are always saying that. At least a T-Rex didn't come and eat it then kicked the rest of it into the sea.

  jmaurm  |  6

Depends on the type of insurance the OP has. There are policies out there that will replace your car with one that is one year newer than the totaled out car. In America of course, have no idea what type of insurance policies you can get in Australia