By me - 16/12/2010 15:29

Today, I thought it would be funny to hide behind the ice machine at work and jump out randomly and scare people. This resulted in my first victim whacking me in the head with a skateboard. FML
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I hope it gave you a concussion. You're there to work, not to act like a six year old.

Serves you right!


Serves you right!

You could almost click "YDI" after reading just the first 7 words.

YDI for not liking dogs

sourgirl101 28

Wow #1! I didn't expect you out of all people to say such a thing. You look like you would enjoy scaring people too.

^ Nah, I'm more into the controlling, torturing, and killing departments. People get scared on their own. :)

Marvin_Android 0

Sounds justified. Why would you attempt to spread misery to others? Life is horrible enough on its own without you adding to the torture of existence. In your defense, at least you were breaking up the monotony. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

iSitt 0

xms musak fmls mean halloween is over. Op is lucky he didn't get shot.

fakeaccountX 6

I hope it hurt, scumbag! Next time instead of my skateboard, I'm bringing a knife!

renaet 0

Right? Anything starting with "I thought" deserves a YDI.

hmmm... after trying to scare people fails, OP has the balls to come here and post an FML for sympathy? Not working. YDI

the first seven words are : today, I thought it would be funny. that's a ydi?

YDI mate! your effing fault

coper169 0

today some weirdo jumped out at me to scare me. I whacked him in the face with my skateboard, and then he got pissed at me. FML

ImFrackinBored 13

Skateboards hurt like hell to get hit by -___- especially ones with vicious griptape... That stuff leaves scars

At least you had ice on hand for the swelling!

Shame on you for disgracing Pokemon in such a way!

OddleKins 0

It's "pikachu", get it right. -_-

I hope it gave you a concussion. You're there to work, not to act like a six year old.

Grell_fml 0

Sorry, mom... :/ It won't happen again.

nommnom_fml 0

well it's too late mr/ms sutcliffe. ur fired :)

lakaiskate 12

You were truck fucked. Dude I'm sorry that stuff hurts

Thank you! My thoughts exactly

boom , headshot!

youfailed18 0

Could you deserve this any more??

If he was also racist.

and if he was wearing a hat

So you are pulling juvenile pranks, and a coworker has a skateboard? Where do you work, Chuck E Cheese? Idiot.

I don't think a coworker hit him.. I think op was trying to scare the customers/guests.

KiddNYC1O 20

Victim is a green advocate. That explains the skateboard. lol

ryanst 7

DocBastard being corrected?? What is this world coming to..

correcting somebody doesn't make it right. e.g. *whts da wold cumin two

Ninjafriends 1

Tell me where you work, I'm going to start passing out hammers.

hahaha you totally deserved it XD

DakotaCat 4

Well atleast it wasn't a black guy!