By coral - 08/07/2009 17:51 - United States

Today, I thought I was home alone so I went to take a shower and left my door open. My dog came in, stole my bra, and ran out of my bathroom. I jumped out and followed him only to find out that my brother had two of his friends over. They all saw me naked and my dog had my bra in his mouth. FML
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I hope that you're hot.

Today, I was over my friend Timmy's house when his dog runs in with a bra in his mouth. Before we could even figure out what was going on, his sister runs into the room naked. BEST. DAY. EVER.


I hope that you're hot.

If not, FML, if yes, cool for those guys :)

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Yeah, that would mean she made a few new friends. :]

MAN, those were some lucky guys

Why the fuck were you having sex with a dog?

OMG..i wouldn't be able to live. i feel horible for your brother..hes probably scratching out his eyeballs right now. that suck.. if your ugly you deserve it for leaving the door open and suspecting no one was home and being to lazy to go and get a towel.. there are windows you know and freaky perverts out there.. YDI && FYL && FyourbrothersL

send me pics or didnt happen...... thAt would make my day

That sucks you should have had a robe or at least a freaking towel

She thought she was home alone...

Even if I WAS home alone, I wouldn't walk around my house naked..

Who DOESN'T walk around naked when home alone? It's not necessarily wandering around without clothes for hours (though that feels awesome too ;} ), but it's just going quickly to another room and back again. Wrapping yourself in a towel every time you leave your bathroom when there is no chance of anyone else ever seeing you anyway is kind of prudish, imo. But to each their own, I guess. Now if you're not comfortable being naked by yourself, then that's a different issue all together...

Walking around home naked is fine (and feels great), but not when there's even the slightest chance someone will come into the house. If I didn't live alone, I wouldn't do it. What I don't get is why the OP bothered to run after the dog. It's just a bra. Finish showering, put on a different bra and then go retrieve it. Walking around naked is one thing, running is quite another.

i would... actually i do

those guys are soo lucky, if only they had a video camera :D

HAHAHA 182, not the brother! and OP, why would u leave the door open even if you were home alone? what if somebody came home? and even if you knew nobody would (obviously you were wrong, but let's say nobody was home) even then, does it really take any effort to shut the door? I always do when i go to the bathroom... i mean, why not?

who thinks of covering up when their alone, well srry op , atleast now you , your brother, and his' two friends have a inside joke/ secret.

Hopefully they were attractive friends?

They probably had a bonerrr

Okay, that IS fucked up. You must have felt pretty stupid.

Today, I was over my friend Timmy's house when his dog runs in with a bra in his mouth. Before we could even figure out what was going on, his sister runs into the room naked. BEST. DAY. EVER.



lmao. I wish I was there

Wait you were one of the guys friends?

And the joke goes right over #156's head.

omg if jouhou is furreal, then this FML is a win.

i think hes not

There is not much win for him, so we talk about the buddies.

I bet one of them trained your dog to do that...

that it's a good idea we need a company to train dogs to do this

DAAME! lucky kids.

Haha. Some dog's sniff for drugs, yours sniffs for bras... and takes em too! good on him! lol. FYL

Actually it's really annoying. My dog does the same thing. Except he takes my panties too >.

your dog is awesome.

#63 if you're telling the truth, i love your dog. but it sounds to me like you're just looking for attention from guys. not that that's a bad thing...

Pics or it didn't happen.

I wanted to say that! Anyway, FYL.

You think they/she would take pictures? And especially put them on internet?

#86 is right.. and do you actually think they would have time to take a picture? Lol by the time they pull it out she would be in the restroom already.

why would they take pictures of something like that? u really think that when she accidentally stumbles out naked in front of her brothers friends that she'll pull out the camera and post it on the internet? wow, what a great idea! some people are so stupid...

they said "pics or it didn't happen" as a joke so he could see her naked. he doesn't actually thinks she's lying.

Wow 86, 95, and 103 just failed the most EPIC of fails lol 103 you are one of those stupid people you speak of.

86, 95, 103.........UNIVERSAL FAIL

Hey I thought it was serious. :( FML.

Wait why does my screen show their comments as 85, 94, and 102 instead of 86, 95 and 103?