By Anonymous - 10/11/2014 14:28 - Germany - Berlin

Today, I thought I felt my cellphone vibrating. Turned out it was just my girlfriend letting out a vicious fart against my leg. FML
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Sounds like love

Did you answer her call?


At least she's comfortable enough with you to do that.

I'm pretty impressed

I always think my phone is vibrating and someone decides to text me. Turns out my imagination can be an asshole sometimes

9: Or perhaps asleep.

Smells worse than Niki Minaj's ass farts

@68 Not sure what's worse, you know niki minajs farts or this persons gf, stalker much lol

Sounds like love

True love at that.

probably doesnt smell like love, though

Because nothing says "I love you" more than "here, hold my fart".

"Love is in the air"

Love at first fart

Silent but violent

silent but deadly

Why is #34 getting downvoted? "Silent but deadly" is the hilarious, old, common saying I always remember hearing/using. Never heard "Silent but violent". But I guess that makes it more catchy and orginal.... Oh... I think I get it now.

I don't think "silent but deadly" was ever hilarious.

Silent but deadly is the old phrase.. also called SBDs. As in, "Dude your girlfriend lets out some sick SBDs." Silent but violent is definitely more fun.

Did you answer her call?

Now that's a Booty Call!

Dude, she knows the code. She's in!

damn that's horrible xD

Your girlfriend is a human being, FYL.

If his girlfriend wasn't a human being this would probably be an FML for completely different reasons..

Aren't you kind of contradicting yourself by putting FYL at the end of the comment? Like "your girlfriend is human so your life sucks" i don't know I could be wrong

#48 - It was sarcasm


The joke. Your head. Whoosh.

Love is in the air

Poo particles are in the air ha.

Now that's how you get pink eye .

I would say : Love is in the air! Poo is in her underwear!! #15.

TIL this "love" thing is made of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane ... and smells like indole, skatole and ammonia. :)

Been there OP, stay strong. On the bright side, you seem to have a girlfriend that feels very comfortable with you. So there's that.

How did you figure it out? Smell perhaps?

Attentive reading is key..