By Anonymous - United States
Today, I thought a pipe was going to burst in my shower because it was making such a loud rumbling so I called my boyfriend freaking out telling him I didnt know what to do. After taking a second to look a little harder, I realized it was my vibrating razor against the shower wall. FML
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  dudeitsdanny  |  9


You misspelled "dildo." It looks like you spelled it "razor."

Re-read it next time.

YDI for using a vibrating dildo in the shower.

  DGross  |  8

^^^I know right... silly autocorrect :-P

But seriously OP, I'm kinda surprised you called him b/c I would have thought you turned the water off before making the call which would rule out a resonating pipe...

I remember my dorm having the problem if you turned the water to just the right pressure you could make crazy noises :-)