By deadbunnies - 31/07/2009 22:46 - United States

Today, I texted the man I'm dating, told him I was having a terrible day and asked him to say something to cheer me up. His response? "Did you know that rabbits shriek when they're killed?" I'm still having a terrible day, and now I can't stop thinking about dying, shrieking bunnies. FML
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Ahah, reminds me of a friend of mine. On the day of our prom, she kept begging her boyfriend to kill her rabbit. Talk about a mood killer.

Yes. No one wants to be "bothered". They're too selfish. Because who, in their right mind, wouldn't spend their spare time listening to the damned screams of frenzied, terrified animals as they're cruelly murdered? I, for one, am all for your argument. It's definitely not too "bothersome" to sadistically spend my time staring into my computer monitor, just hoping that I'll find a new video of an animal being mercilessly and painfully slaughtered. Obviously, people who don't watch those videos are selfishly living their lives. Shame on them for being alive, wasting their lives not-watching things die in gruesome, bloody ways that would make anyone but a sadist gag up everything from tonight's dinner to yesterday's breakfast. They're such sick people for not watching them. Way to go.


It probably does. See, the thing about FMLs is that the few that actually are real, we know absolutely nothing about what really happened. Maybe her boyfriend really is a jerk, but maybe she's a whiny little bitch who never has sex with him. Whenever I hear about a whole family ditching one kid and going on vacation, I wonder, "what made them do it?" Is he a drunk? Does he have horrible gas? Did he sleep with his sister's boyfriend? Did he call his aunt a fascist because she voted for John McCain? So Deadbunnies, if that is your real name, did you deserve it? Who am I to judge that you are or not?

O.M.G. I don't think this site is appropriate for you. However, if you're just being a troll....then: obvious troll is not obvious (but obvious at the same time)

wow did he watch that video thats being posted all over /b/? eeeeew

YDI for having a bad day.

why would they not shriek when they are killed?

They only apply to raids newfag/camwhore.

im sorry but what is ydi?

You deserved it.

#37, It was a joke, you dolt.

Rule #1 never talk about fight club Rule #2 NEVER TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB

#63, #79 Learn the original rules, newfags. Regardless, that would have cheered me up. I think you're just a whiny bitch. That is absolutely hilarious.

its actually 1st rule: You do not talk about Fight Club. 2nd rule: You DO NOT talk about Fight Club. but all of this has nothing to do with the FML itself or the comment on which you posted this on

Just to set this straight, obviously the rules apply to raids because you don't want them to know who's raiding. But you also don't want people to know about it because it will attract newfags like a lot of the people in here.

How could you laugh at that? That's terrible! If you actually saw something like that I bet you wouldn't be laughing.

HAHA that cheers me up. ydi for not having a sick sense of humor

ha I like you right now

hahahahaha!!!!! cheered ME up!

god damn! how does he even know that? =( i'd say your life is fucked because not only are you having a bad day, but your boyfriend is a serious weirdo.

No one has a sense of humor when they need to be cheered up. And that isn't funny.

maybe it wasn't even him. maybe some random person he knows got a hold of his phone and texted you that. i hate it when people do that.-_-

dude, mabye ti was just the first thing on his mind at the moment...though the shriek a bunny makes when it dies is awful,,, I've heard my retarded cat kill one before and it scarred me for life ( more like 2 minutes, but still you get the point)

he's a wierdo cause he's seen a rabbit die? i've seen one shriek, it's awsome. it sounds like a 5-year-old girl screaming for her life

#61 - I don't know if you're trolling or not, but you're a fucking creep.

You think a 5-year-old screaming for her life is awesome? You sick fuck.

That would've totally cheered me up. You're a spoiled, ungrateful bitch.

That's actually a pretty commonly known fact. Anybody who lives by a large woods with rabbits have probably heard it.

I watched that video. It was really sad. My dog heard the bunny screaming and came busting in here thinking i was dying.

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Ahah, reminds me of a friend of mine. On the day of our prom, she kept begging her boyfriend to kill her rabbit. Talk about a mood killer.

Maybe if you buy a bunny, it'll cheer you up? Just don't let it near that guy!

Haha, your husband is a /b/tard!

And you're a 4chan-idiot. -_-

"4chan-idiot" is probably the stupidest phrase I've ever heard.

4-chan is a website...if you don't know of it, then you wouldn't understand why he/she called them a '4-chan idiot'

I'm pretty sure boatkicker knows what 4chan is. In fact I think most people do. Doesn't mean it's not the stupidest phrase boatkicker's ever heard. I personally think it was a pretty stupid thing to say, too.

Lulz yes he is.

Ahahah he definately is. Doesn't explain how he has a girlfriend though... OP, is your name "Hand" by any chance?

No no no. Not "4chan-idiot." Say it with me, "/b/tard." You may be thinking of their close cousins, the EDiots.

and btw but am i the only one who read "the guy i am dating" in the story not "husband" seriously people learn to read.

I saw a video of a dying, screeching bunny once, so, yeah, they do.

Am I the only one getting sick of these "Today, I was upset so I told my boyfriend to cheer me up. Blah blah blah sent/gave me something even more upsetting. FML" Fmls?