By iPhonekid - 27/05/2012 07:19 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I texted my friend and asked her what her sad status on Facebook was about. She texted me back saying her step-mother had passed away. I tried to reply with "awwh" but my phone autocorrected it to "ahaha." FML
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Autocorrect at its worst. Explain yourself quickly before you're the biggest jerk ever!

To be honest if you were a good friend (close enough to ask her what was wrong), you probably should've called her. Or at least text back something a little more sympathetic rather than just 'awwh'.


Autocorrect at its worst. Explain yourself quickly before you're the biggest jerk ever!

Fuck you beat me to it with ONE DAMN MINUTE!!!(being first)

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it's not all about being first you know..

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I don't think OP is that thoughtful anyway if all he/she wanted to say was "awwh"


People really need to start skimming their text before sending. Especially with auto-correct fucking with everyone. (Skims this comment)

In situations like this autocorrect sucks, but I can't imagine a world without it. Some people would be typing like this "Dud I can spell, wat ar yu talking abouht?"

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I think your phone is possessed.

Do people not know you can just click on the word that autocorrect has pop up right above or below the word you're in the middle of typing and that stops autocorrect from changing it?

I believe OP was just being hasty 65, I think OP just wrote something semi-considerate and hit send without putting any real effort in

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why would you just say "awwh" if someones step mom died? Couldn't u think of something a little more thoughtful to say....

Maybe the OP wrote something then added "awwh" to the end of it... But that one work autocorrected to ahahahaha

^ That happened when my friend was texting me. She wanted to say "Just one sec" Autocorrect has some very awkward things.

It's never that simple. Trying to click the "x" instead of the word is like trying to thread a needle.

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65- the modern world is too lazy for that..

Absolutely. I'm hard pressed to think of a worse autocorrect

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107 - Then there's always the I've typed this perfectly and hit send last second change. WTF?

108, see 107. Touch screens are difficult to touch a small X button on, especially when the word it wants to autocorrect to is right next to it. iPhones are evil things at times.

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21- my thoughts exactly

Dude, is that your ride!? (Sorry, that was directed toward 89.)

103 - yea that's happened to me too!! I texted my mate saying "I'll be over in a sex."

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My phone autocorrected "homie" to "homosexuals". I'm so glad I looked before I sent the text. And 194- If the person wanted a phone call, I would ASSUME, they would have just called OP. Just an assumption though.

First. Mad, idiots?

You have a sad life

Actually, you're second. Remind us who the idiot is again?

You must be new here...

This is awesome cause the guy that beat you is feeling like a sir. Also, your picture adds to this situation.

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17- both their pictures are perfect the idiot has an idiotic pic as well

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Oh no! Someone assassinated perdix before he could add something witty to the conversation! *Shakes fist in the air* DAMN YOU ASSASSIN! Take me instead!

perdix 29

Don't worry, it's actually comment #53. Somehow, when I first wrote it, it ended up under this pointless thread by mistake. The only way to fix it I know is to cut the text from the edit box, replace it with a random character, and paste it into the edit box of a first-level comment. Thanks for being my Kevin Costner, though, I-ee-I will always love you-woo-woo ;)

Perdix, are you being moderated or are you just high?

Hah, check that out. I knew the comment would be thumbed down, and a bunch of bored idiots would actually waste thier time pointing out something completely obvious and pointless. I think after all you guys are the sad and idiotic ones. Continue the misery. Feed me. :-)

122 - you are a weird one. You should try to be more "polite." hahaha.

Shargard: That's actually pretty...pathetic. You must have a sad life if you got banned (for probably being a complete trolling fool, because the staff are pretty laid back), made another account and you're already pissing people off, ON PURPOSE. Can't you find something more productive to do with your time? Or are you that utterly useless as a person? I'm assuming it's the latter. Enjoy your trolling. It's probably the only form of pleasure you'll get in your miserable life.

Well that calls for a FUUUUUUU-

3- Well, ACTUALLY, this does NOT call for a FUUUUUU-

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actually, it DOES. end of.

Damn u auto correct!

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Did you also say first when you made your first comment? also i think 2 comments is a good number for you to stop at. :)

I think he meant "I second that"

^ it's his second comment ever made.

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Autocorrect is just as worse and a bigger bitch than karma! #real talk

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Wow #5 I am really blown away by your wit and the depth of your comment. It is giving me the chills. Seriously, you are so insightful. It's amazing.

#5 Oh yes, I'm speechless too... at your comment.

Catch 5 this weekend delivering the keynote address at the Mime College and Pantomime Institute graduation ceremony!

KM96 24

Well actually I did write a thoughtful comment but when I posted it I realised the person above me had the same comment and it was down to 10seconds, and I didnt want a repeat comment

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Lol smily face thumps up

Autocorrect can make people look really bitchy. & half the time when we explain ppl dont believe us because ppl use autocorrect as an excuse so often -.- .

I proofread all of my texts, but sometimes after I text and hit send, that's when the phone autocorrects me. It changes the last word to something awkward if it doesn't recognize it

#6 I totally agree. autocorrect is such a lame ass excuse that is overused. Sure it's a problem. Soloution? Hit space then proof read your text BEFORE you send it, or just turn autocorrect the FUCK OFF.

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Auto correct is supposed to be good, but can be sooooo annoying sometimes. Sorry for you OP. I hope that everything works out :)

You kinda deserved it if all you could offer them was an "awwh"

Damn you auto correct! Damn you!

Damn Freaking Auto Correct sucks Donkey Dong.

Your friend will certainly understand that it comes for autocorrect, not much to worry about.

When I read that as "comes for autocorrect", I had a mental image of a horror movie trailer starring a band of vengeful text messages attempting to find and kill autocorrect from the shadows.

To be honest if you were a good friend (close enough to ask her what was wrong), you probably should've called her. Or at least text back something a little more sympathetic rather than just 'awwh'.

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I completely and utterly agree with this, and am surprised to see you were the first to suggest it. Texting condolences is pathetic.

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