By Anonymous - 08/11/2009 04:04 - United States

Today, I taught my younger cousins a more effective way to brush their teeth. Tonight when I was getting them ready for bed I asked them why they weren't brushing their teeth like I taught them to. The littlest one replied "Daddy said if we do then we'll have ugly teeth like yours." FML
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are you sure yours is a "more effective" way? :P

Aww, turn that frown upside down and smi- nevermind...


are you sure yours is a "more effective" way? :P

The_Pleb, do you know how annoying you are? Go diaf please.

I second that. I'm so sick and tired of people saying 'first' or 'second'. I have yet to see a FML post without that type of behavior.

Especially since he's not 2nd, he's 18th.

I'm not only wondering if it's actually more effective, but maybe OP shouldn't be reteaching anyone else's kids anything.

Aww, turn that frown upside down and smi- nevermind...


Well you totally deserve it for trying to destroy your kid's teeth and by extension their lives.

Oooookay I'm really really very very sure that brushing your teeth will NOT damage them. Obviously, the OP had bad teeth to start.

Don't feed the troll.

Wow great uncle you have...

You sound stupid.

that makes me wonder how the hell u brush ur teeth thats "more effective"? do u brush ur teeth with hummus like zohan? im disturbed!

Well, I think you could have mentioned the condition/ appearance of your teeth in this fml.

Just brush the way dentists tell you to, that's the most effective. Jeez.

Brushing your teeth with sugar and then rinsing with SunnyD is NOT more effective, OP. Just sayin'.