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  gracehi  |  31

I'm 26 and just learned last year from my dentist that I've been brushing my teeth wrong all my life. Apparently you're supposed to brush up and down along your teeth, not side to side, in order to get the bristles under your gums. Who knew? I never had a problem with bad breath or yucky looking teeth, because I DID brush twice daily, just not with optimal technique. I did, however, have problems with swollen gums, but my dentist growing up attributed that to not enough flossing rather than incorrect brushing. When you're doing something wrong and no one notices, and thus no one tells you, how are you to know? Perhaps it's something like that with OP's boyfriend, where he does habitually brush his teeth, but he just doesn't have some minor technique down.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

49, it doesn't help that dentist's change the technique every once in awhile. It used to be ok to go in circles when doing the front of your teeth but now they find it pushes the gums back so you're supposed to go from the top down. Although the way this post is worded makes it seem like it was a bigger issue than minor technique.