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Today, I talked to my husband about his lack of interest in sex. Apparently his definition is polar to mine; his is along the lines of cuddling. Not only did I wait until marriage to have sex with this man, apparently he prefers a permanent roommate without benefits. FML
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Cuddle naked and top whip cream to your breast for bonus. *looks around awkwardly*


Maybe he is gay. Sure sounds like it! Put on a strap-on he may cum around!

Cuddle naked and top whip cream to your breast for bonus. *looks around awkwardly*

maybe you should reindoctrinate the definition of REAL sex

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Maybe he is nervous or shy. It is something to talk about and try working through.

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If more talking doesn't do it, show him how fun sex can be!

I don't think he would still be shy (presuming be ever was) around the OP if he had both proposed to her and successfully turned up at the ceremony at the end of their engagement.

Assuming they both waited until marriage, he's might still be a virgin. I'd say that's a pretty good reason to be shy.

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I think its awesome that you waited till marriage... but you probably should have talked about what you were hoping for 'intimately' before hand..

What is awesome about waiting until marriage for sex?

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Waiting till marriage potentially is great. Though, sex has different importance to some and can really effect a relationship. Though how someone gets married without discussing the issue or sex in general is a complete mystery to me.

Just like everything, it has its pros and cons. I have two sisters. Both them and their husbands waited until marriage to have sex. As commented further down, one is having a difficult time in finding out their sex drives are opposite. She takes it personal that her husband doesn't want to have sex with her because his lack of drive. However, my other sister is still in martial bliss for years! It's not for everyone but if chastity until marriage is in your personal beliefs for religion (or whatever reason) I've seen that it can work in some cases. Mine included. I've only slept with one person and we're still together.

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That's great it worked in that situation and I'm not knocking that. If it's tied by religious beliefs or what have you great. Though it can be problematic in general and I think should be talked about before marriage if anything to find out if your expectations and kinks are inline with them or not. Though given from the FML the guy wanted more of a companion and it's important to talk about that stuff beforehand.

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37, I agree that it works for some people and not for others. My husband and I didn't wait, but we did know we would get married from early on. He's the only person I've slept with too, and we're still really happy. But definitely important to talk about before making a big commitment. Some people just aren't compatible I guess. And maybe your sister's husband has low testosterone or something. I know it's awkward, but perhaps seeing his doctor and trying a medicine would make his sex drive higher. That is, if he wants it to be higher. Hopefully they can work it out.

Yes, 94 He has thyroid problems. Wish he would step up and see a doctor for my sister's sake. She suffering because of his doctor fears. I never say a word to him about it because I don't get involved in their personal business. They'll have to find they own way to work things out. (:

Talk to him or invest in some toys. Maybe he just doesn't feel excited or something's bothering them.

Hopefully you guys can meet in the middle OP because every marriage needs a healthy sex life or you'll eventually look for that type of companionship elsewhere but lets hope that doesn't happen...sorry OP :(

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Yes hopefully their middles will meet....

I didn't mean OP would use that as blackmail i just meant if she's not being satisfied by her husband but truly loves him she could eventually look for just sex elsewhere

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Sounds like a recipe for adultery.

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I'm so sorry OP, but it's very likely that a divorce is on the horizon. A fundamental sexual incompatibility will ruin any marriage :-(

Waiting to have sex until marriage is one thing to each their own. But my god it sounds like this guy doesn't even know what sex is. If he asks you where babies come from you better pack your bags and run!!!