By Greg - United States
Today, I talked to a girl on the phone who had previously told me her last relationship "ended very badly." I said, "So let me guess, that jerk cheated on you?" She paused for a few moments and finally replied, "No, he died in a motorcycle accident." FML
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  Reyo  |  2

I vouch for #4.
How can she get mad at you for not getting "died in a motorcycle crash" out of "ended very badly"?
"ended very badly" can mean ANYTHING.

  Ms_ValS  |  27

She should have said "ended tragically". People would immediately understand & empathise. I would have thought the same thing OP.

By  kukopia  |  0

'previously told' is redundant (as 'told' is past tense). Talking on the phone is hardly relevant.

I'm not seeing the FML here. Are we suppose to feel bad for you because you're a bad guesser?? I'm not.

No vote for you.

  akkhima  |  0

It depends on how much they've talked. If she told him once, then told him again, she told him something she had previously told him.

We should feel bad for him because she worded what she told him very poorly.