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Today, I summoned the courage to talk to my friends about the money they owe me for my photography services at their wedding. We had agreed on a fair price, but now they're pissed, claiming that I'm being selfish and should consider it my wedding gift to them. FML
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Bring them a toaster and then ask for your money.

This is exactly why you NEVER lend your friends money or offer them your professional services. Especially if you're a prostitute.


Bring them a toaster and then ask for your money.

Psh, don't even spend that much money on a gift if they want to be that rude. I'd buy them each a fucking ring pop. My dad does wedding pictures for some of the family and uses that as a gift for them, so I understand that it could have been a gift. But OP said they agreed on a price. I can't believe ungrateful pieces of shit like this. If I were you, OP, I wouldn't even give them the pictures back, unless you already have.

Depending on the price they agreed on, I'd take em to court.

Can't wait to see you on Judge Judy OP! :D

Unless the deal was in writing, I doubt this would hold up in court.

OP needs to just demand the money back, then break off the friendship if it's happened more than once. "Friends" don't just assume they will do favors for each other without the two agreeing. They've already agreed that they would pay OP for the pictures, but decide to bail last minute, expecting OP to just deal with it. What crappy "friends".

now on bridezillas.....

Wow that sucks

Wow there's a button for that.

Really? Where is it?

threer 30

... Really, #60? Up at the top. "I agree, your life sucks".

Dear #61 Sarcasm - Learn it.

Cheap fuckers

I love cheap fuckers. That way I can get my rocks off for less.

Yes they are. Say "That was a lovely day. But if you want the pics you need to pay". What do you mean it's a wedding gift. If you want them? Pay for them.

I'd suggest getting a lawyer involved.

Or just burn their house down..

And that's why you always have a contract...

I don't know about lawyers, some people would think badly of OP but definately get revenge. Be smooth OP so you could walk away with with middle fingers high.

#30 or never do business with friends or family

Or you could make them pay in advance.... or deposit at least.

2 types of people...

They're obviously not true friends. I don't know how far you can or would go in forcing them to pay up, though if I were in your situation I'd insist that they pay regardless of the effect on your relationship with them. If they care more about being cheap than they do about honesty, friendship, and integrity, then they aren't worth keeping around. I suggest abandoning any pretense of friendship and going after your money like a business man.

Couldn't have worded it better. It's also why they say you should never mix friends with business. Almost always ends badly.

True. I've been in this situation and I learned my lesson. I didn't want to lose my friends, but at the same time I felt betrayed I felt like they all went against me. They ended up paying me but not on the price we had originally agreed upon , at the end I got screwed so lesson learned.

My friend hired my sister to sing at her wedding. The cost was negotiated upfront. I was smart and had a contract written up, because my sister is so horrendously bad with money and business that she would have gotten gyped out of it. The cost was $2000 (for band, time, and costs) and she tried to pay $20. We took her to court.

Your friend sounds like a terrible person. :/ Hope your sister got her money. c:

We did. We ended up getting around 8,000 total for costs + court fees. Suffice to say, we are no longer friends with that person.

If they won't pay you then sue them. Don't let them take advantage of you.

This is exactly why you NEVER lend your friends money or offer them your professional services. Especially if you're a prostitute.

Did you happen to be a prostitue before becoming a doctor?

Yes, he was. I hired him for a couple strip shows for my...ahem..."friends". Fun times, Doc. Fun times.

If your idea of fun is watching the equivalent of a geriatric strip tease, Welshite, then I suppose so. But then you always had an interesting taste in entertainment.

Well, that depends. Does watching KaySL torture Schizomaniac while Doc does a strip tease in his scrubs and you twerk in the background count as strange entertainment? It seems pretty normal to me. Just remember to oil your joints next time you twerk, Man.

Boy, I've sure learned that lesson one too many times. I mean, I'm a professional, an artist even. I can't just be going around giving buddy bjs for free. It's bad for business

I'll keep that in mind. The Miley Cyrus outfit certainly didn't make it any easier. :p

It's not prostitution if it's for your friends. That's what my cop friend said when he was paying me.

I wouldn't waste my time on Photoshop if just cut them out

one reason why doing business with friends can be tough. they can use "guilt" against you, leaves you in a tough spot.

They could try and guilt me all they want. When a price is negotiated I expect it to be paid in full or I'll start charging interest.

Ooooh interest. If they aren't going to pay in first place, interest does nothing.

Doing business with friends reminds me of kindergarten. "You won't give me Pringles after I have you some of my lunchables? We're not friends anymore!"