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  squishy01  |  0

To all you assholes, you can't help being scared of something. I'm not afraid to say I'm afraid of cows. I was nearly trampled by them as a kid. Me, nor the poster of the FML, can help this fear. It's because of a psychological response associated to a bad incident with the object(s) that you fear.

  Mehness  |  0

176 - (if this double posts, so be it)
I'll believe you're a girl, but not a girl with bleach-blonde hair and a nice ass.

Scratch that, there are no girls on the internet.

  venom8  |  13

Oh? They're unpredictable, that's why they scare you. Does that mean you follow the exact same pattern every day to avoid scaring yourself? Life itself is unpredictable, and I would think you don't fear that, am I right?

  ubetrwatchBN  |  5

183 - When we were young, my gp's had a farm. My sister developed a phobia to turkeys because one chased her around for a while. She overcame this phobia a couple weeks later when we ate it for dinner. Maybe you should have a few whoppers?

By  SunshineBoy21  |  0

I can see it now - "omg omg omg, get it off, get it off" as she runs around like a crazy woman.

On the bright side, that school won't be inviting you back to sub for those butterfly raising monsters!

  gutzzzz  |  0

It does seem a little irrational, Ive never heard of an owl attack someone, especially since they are nocturnal, an I'm sure they are like most animals and don't attack non-prey unless threatened first.

  Frelling  |  0

Butterflies have been used in movies as harbingers of death/evil. If you were scared by the 4th kind, shouldn't you be afraid of alien abduction?

  lmaoatall  |  6

25- when my oldest was just crawling, I was sitting under an awning in my back yard letting her crawl on the grass, a huge white owl came off of a light post, comeing about two feet from snatching her up. tallens out and all. I damn near shit myself. so now you heard of an owl attacking someone.

  Fohz  |  9

@ #25 - In my area they have warned that early morning joggers should not wear their hair in ponytails because the owls here will sometimes grab the hair thinking it's a squirrel's tail or something.