By mottephobe - 06/04/2011 06:22 - United States

Today, I subbed for a first grade class. They were releasing butterflies. Butterflies scare me shitless. A bunch of 7 year-olds watched as I screamed hysterically when one landed on me. FML
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This reminds me of that episode of Pokémon where Caterpie was all up in Misty's everything and she was completely fucking terrified of it.


Psh, gave the kids the best day of school ever.

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so she's scared of a creature that only lives a day!!! FHL!!!!

I hope you're not a dude.

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acually max life span 2 weeks :)

31- lol.... where do I start... I'll just start by finishing. I'm done, thank you.

lol that reminds me of spongebob

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Where's wormy?.... :'(

I.remember doing that!

Spongebob killer butterfly.

35, he is right. the lifespan is 2 weeks.

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like 31 who's afraid of dudes that put up sexy female pics. don't blame him.

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It's a phobia! An irrational fear that people cannot control. I side with the OP, I'm terrified of butterflies! They just flutter everywhere.

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its ok im scared of charlie sheen

I'm shit scared of butterflies too.. they are disgusting, unpredictable and uuuughr

31, Haha, sexism! Stereotypes! So original and funny!

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you guys are wrong!!! hello I'm a chick!!

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I don't think 31 was talking about mz_booty. I think he was referring to OP.

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To all you assholes, you can't help being scared of something. I'm not afraid to say I'm afraid of cows. I was nearly trampled by them as a kid. Me, nor the poster of the FML, can help this fear. It's because of a psychological response associated to a bad incident with the object(s) that you fear.

176 - (if this double posts, so be it) I'll believe you're a girl, but not a girl with bleach-blonde hair and a nice ass. Scratch that, there are no girls on the internet.

Oh? They're unpredictable, that's why they scare you. Does that mean you follow the exact same pattern every day to avoid scaring yourself? Life itself is unpredictable, and I would think you don't fear that, am I right?

183 - When we were young, my gp's had a farm. My sister developed a phobia to turkeys because one chased her around for a while. She overcame this phobia a couple weeks later when we ate it for dinner. Maybe you should have a few whoppers?

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I can see it now - "omg omg omg, get it off, get it off" as she runs around like a crazy woman. On the bright side, that school won't be inviting you back to sub for those butterfly raising monsters!

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ps. shame on me for assuming OP was a girl since no gender was shown. My bad. Sorry ladies, no harm intended. ;)

The butterflies are out to get you!

Correction, they got her.

Why yes they did! I can imagine the butterfly laughing to itself for scaring her!

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why would anybody be scared of butterflies

This reminds me of that episode of Pokémon where Caterpie was all up in Misty's everything and she was completely fucking terrified of it.

epic fucking reference. you have made my day

your cool just for using a pokemon referance.

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thank you for bringing back epic memories :]

ah my childhood came flooding back i was the biggest bloody pokemon nerd lol

pokeemon gotta catch em all

dammit. way to go; now i have the original theme song stuck in my head. |the kid|

Really? I have the Pokérap on loop in my head.

very nice. man, every other theme song after the first one sucked. at least i think so, hehe. |the kid|

I highly doubt that! I was the biggest pokemon nerd! I had 4 pokemon christmases where I got nothing BUT pokemon! :P

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lol ur pretty

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what a fuckin geek lol

wow u would watch pokrman

@155 and 180 - shut your whorish whore mouths.

Says the fag with a gorilla mask on lol

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"all up in misty's everything" fucking great lol

Fucking pansy! Nut up or shut up!


nut on the butterflies...

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That'd only make it's wings stick together.

same for me, I mean butterflies! just... butterflies...

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how are you scared of butterflies? they're beautiful!

All part of their evil plot to lure you into a false sense of security. Don't fall for their facade of beauty!!

9, have you NOT seen spongebob?

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Hahaha 53 xD For real, that close-up was creepy... .____.

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No one suspects the butterfly...

fyl, for being a whiny little bitch

at least have a rational fear OP. I'm scared of owls ad spiders, at least that's somewhat normal.

many people have irrational fears, such as fear of clowns. so is a fear of butterflies really that crazy?

Your logic fails. Everyone knows clowns are really serial killers, duh!

does being scared of owls count as irrational?

It does seem a little irrational, Ive never heard of an owl attack someone, especially since they are nocturnal, an I'm sure they are like most animals and don't attack non-prey unless threatened first.

I'm guessing theres also a fear of tape?

25, my friend keeps saying it's like "the 4th kind", and that is the cause of my owl fear -___-

I have a fear of Pubs. not really

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Butterflies have been used in movies as harbingers of death/evil. If you were scared by the 4th kind, shouldn't you be afraid of alien abduction?

I have a fear Axe murderers, but I don't think thats irrational

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25- when my oldest was just crawling, I was sitting under an awning in my back yard letting her crawl on the grass, a huge white owl came off of a light post, comeing about two feet from snatching her up. tallens out and all. I damn near shit myself. so now you heard of an owl attacking someone.

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@ #25 - In my area they have warned that early morning joggers should not wear their hair in ponytails because the owls here will sometimes grab the hair thinking it's a squirrel's tail or something.

It was just looking for food and your baby looked pretty tasty lol.