By Anonymous - 29/08/2009 14:15 - United Kingdom

Today, I stretched really hard when I woke up, only to feel something twang. This was followed by a really sharp pain. Thinking I'd given myself a hernia, I got up to check myself in the mirror, and was repulsed by the bulge I saw hanging out of my gut. Then I realised it was just my own flab. FML
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i don't get it, why would fat be painful?

That was a lot of extra information to just say "Today, I'm fat. FML"


That's disgusting D;

That was a lot of extra information to just say "Today, I'm fat. FML"

I agree with #16, i thought these "Im fat.FML, even though i can do something about it." were extinct.

YDI for eating all of those cheeseburgers

you really realiSed that? Learn to spell... "realized" YDI

Realised is actually more correct than your spelling of it with a Z; it is as the English say it is because it's the English language, not the American language.

Hey, my nuts just dropped!

I feel like it's the responsibility of every FML member to give comments like this negative ratings.

Awww. How you feel better.

You should probably take care of yourself more there buddy...

YDI for being a fat bitch

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Why? Its actually EASIER for men to lose weight.

Gotta love those double standards.

wow.. theres so many things wrong with what you just said.

i don't even know what she is talking about, she looks chubby in her pic

your pic isn't helping you, fatty

Your a bitch ...

Wow really? Bitch!

i don't get it, why would fat be painful?

it's better than a hernia

it's not as though you could see a hernia in the mirror, this fml is stupid

Yeah, you usually can see hernias in the mirror or just by looking... I guess if it was really mild, you might not. But you usually can.

I had a hernia, and it was pretty visible in the mirror. I wouldn't confuse it with flab though...

The OP probably had a pen stuck in her rolls. Maybe that's why it was so painful..

Hernias don't get that big. I would be in pain if I had to carry all the extra weight around too. :]