By Anonymous - / Wednesday 1 April 2009 04:17 / United States
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By  iKayla  |  0

Yes, I agree with some of the other comments. Meh, that guy actually stayed with you that whole time? Did you not speak at all? I can not picture this realistically. Unless, that guy was really in to you, then this seems a little fishy fishy to me, =/ uhohz.

By  Jaxro  |  6

Maybe they lived close by to the gas station, or the guy had a double tanks on his vehicle. My truck has double tanks and I takes a while to fill.

By  anon12_fml  |  0

maybe he laughed during the whole phone call and she didn't word it right; i'm sick of people being so quick to try to come up with loopholes for why stories are fake... even if they are, they're still entertaining

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