By traumatizedforlife - United States
Today, I stepped out of the house for some fresh air. It was still dark out, so imagine my horror when I accidentally stepped on a frog. It squealed for a split second before being crushed beneath my uncovered foot. FML
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  AppleJuiceBox  |  10

This has actually happened to me before. With multiple slimy creatures. Frogs, slugs, you name it. I feel like I should also include the fact that I had no shoes on.

  SirEbro  |  7

#4 Now I see how your brain works.. 'oh my god I stepped on that poor frog'... *lifts foot* 'that's gross'.. *comes to the conclusion* 'well, its a waste not to eat a frog squished with my own dirty foot'...

  ohjoy15  |  33

@#48 Kind of like the whole "if you kill a cow, you have to make a burger" scenario?

But this is repulsive. The frog (which is probably a bacteria breeding ground itself) was sandwiched between two ultra disgusting surfaces (the bottom of a foot and the ground). There is no way even Jesus himself could convince me to put that vile thing in my mouth.