By joshua - United States
Today, I started work at my new job. I was excited to have been given an office of my own, but shortly after sitting down at my desk, the door across the hall opened and an unspeakably murderous stench that could've curdled milk seeped in. My office is opposite the men's room. Great. FML
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  kiefenator  |  0

Little known fact, Women's washrooms are often worse than men's washroom mainly because the way most women were raised ( not being sexist) is to despise uncleanliness. Therefore they have more of a tendency to do their thing quickly and without care so they can leave earlier. :3

  Keyman1212  |  14

My first job involved cleaning toilets at an upscale grocery store. Let me just say, I've seen SHIT smeared onto the walls of the women's restrooms, I've seen fucking bloody-ass tampons on the ground, and I've seen the toilet paper used to wipe sitting next to the toilet, not in it. All three of these disgusting acts happened at least once weekly, at different intervals. As for the guys bathrooms, much better. Just speaking from experience here.

  bankrupt  |  15

Right there with you, No. 84.

I worked in a department store and the womens fitting rooms were pigstys. We also had to clean up used tampons and pads, and we had at least one turd left on the carpet each week, not to mention the women who squatted down and pissed on the carpet.

It was a FITTING ROOM, not a rest room. It was horrible.

I was informed by co-workers in the mens departments that they were always neat and clean and in the entire time I worked at that particular store there were no incidents of men toileting on the fitting room carpets.

This is not to say that their shit doesn't stink, only that they at least have the decency to put it where they ought.


84 actually made me LOL. So did the entire FML, actually.

Sucks, OP. Invest in a gas mask? That's what I use when the shit smell emanating from the cat box is unusually vile and it's my turn to clean it.

  TheRealHouse  |  7

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