By Selfish Whiner - 03/06/2013 11:56 - United Kingdom - Scunthorpe

Today, I started seeing a therapist for my depression. While I was looking through the magazines in the waiting room, I found an article accusing people who see therapists of being selfish and having no real problems. FML
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They should probably monitor what they're giving the patients to read.. :/ Don't worry, OP. There's no shame in seeing a therapist. At least you're trying to get help! :)

You would think they wouldn't have magazines like that in their waiting room. I hope you pointed it out.


They should probably monitor what they're giving the patients to read.. :/ Don't worry, OP. There's no shame in seeing a therapist. At least you're trying to get help! :)

I agree, wanting help for something like depression isn't selfish!

I would argue that *not* seeing a therapist when you have problems is even more selfish because you are relying on friends and family to help you out of something insanely difficult to escape. Go you for having the strength to admit you have a problem and work to get better! I know how hard it is, just keep fighting!!

You should feel proud of yourself that your one of they few that can actually ask for help. Hope everything works out for you :)

45- I know what you mean. I went through about 6 different therapists over the course of about 10 years, and none of them helped much or at all, so I finally gave up about a year ago and have been working it out on my own or with friends and family.

The article is shit -_- The person who wrote it is an asshole!

You would think they wouldn't have magazines like that in their waiting room. I hope you pointed it out.

All whole demanding that she should be treated better, and that they should have thought about her feelings when they put those out

What if those magazines were purposefully put there by OP's therapist to depress OP further so the therapist gets more reliable business?

@#2 It amazes me how something as garbage as this was even published for ANYONE to see... Let alone patients. :( Agreed! They should definitely try to filter out this rubbish especially in waiting rooms.

Evidently, a change of journalists is in order.

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Thanks, Captain Obvious! You saved us yet again! -_-

What about my welcome?

Sounds like the person who wrote the article may need a therapist

Journalists = Trolls, so don't even listen to them? Do they have a psychology degree? F**k what they have to say and get better OP

Octwo 16

some people don't have the luxury of a friend or family member close enough to confide in. I don't see how wanting someone to talk out your problems with and get constructive feedback is being selfish.

In life, there are personal issues friends and family can't even handle. That is why we have doctors, dentists, specialists, and psychologists.

I guess what the idiot journalists mean is that they believe the "selfish" patients are wasting their time making up problems just so they waste the "real" patient's time at the therapist. Even then, it is just really stupid to come up with that conclusion and not think twice.

Needing to see a therapist isn't only for people who don't have close family and friends. I had a friend once who was very depressed and I eventually had to break off the friendship because the pressure of dealing with someone who can be set off by one word and who you constantly need to monitor was so bad it was making me near-suicidal. If you have a really bad problem, even if you're surrounded by people who care about you, PLEASE seek help, for your sake and theirs

I could not agree more, 34. Not to mention, even if you do have people you know personally, sometimes it's easier to talk about those things with people you have no personal ties to.

Rose_916 16

Thats terrible! Theres no problem with having a therapist. They should read through the magazines before having them in their waiting room.

But they can't charge 40 bucks for a half hour session of screening magazines.

You should right to the magazine accusing the author of the article of being a bitch with to many problems. Ironically they should see the therapist.

Aw shit, I missed one. *too many problems. An easy way to remember that rule is "it's got too many 'O's."

Oops my head wasn't in the right place just wasn't thinking. Thank you for correcting me.

He got down voted for correcting me?

As far as I can tell, if you're going to be a grammar nazi, you have to 1) be correcting something really bad or stupid, 2) do it in an amusing/sarcastic way, or 3) both, otherwise people just get annoyed at you for being too fussy or pointing out an obvious mistake. So yeah, that was never gonna go over well :P

That's funny - in my waiting room I have magazines explaining how all surgeons are just quacks just trying to make money.

ginawater19 13

Hahahahah that's hilarious! I think it's a disgrace football players make more than surgeons who save dozens of lives daily. I don't think there is anything better in the world than to be able to save a life. I

54, what about the person that taught said surgeon how to save a life? Teachers are people too...strange people, but people none-the-less. Take it from me. I am one.

I think anyone who dedicates their life to a sport to the exclusion of all else should be able to get millions for doing so. It's not like every sports player gets that money, just the cream of the crop. You miss parties, summer travel, all sorts of events because you want to make the top tier. Even those with the raw talent can't count on making it to the bigs or even staying there for long, what with the constant threat of injury in their field. If you make it big, you deserve to get paid big. That being said, I'd be surprised if the top one percent of doctors don't make as much as the top one percent of sports stars (barring baseball, those salaries are ludicrous even from a sports fan's perspective)

61- in the case of surgery, at least, the person who taught the surgeon would also have to be a surgeon. That's not the kind of thing you learn about in a classroom from someone who's never actually done it. So then we're still just back to talking about surgeons. And I am in no way dissing teachers, I think they're very important and I plan to be one myself! Just saying that teachers can't teach everything- although you could probably credit them with encouraging/inspiring people to want to become surgeons.

79, all I can say to you is this: if you want a life full of anger, confusion, and monetary issues, then be a teacher. Why? Simply put, getting through to one student, and seeing new intellectual doors open for them, makes all of the bullshit worth it. So, good on ya if you stick to it! Oh, and one more piece of advice, don't ever let a student drive your car to prove a point concerning William Blake...