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Today, I started my new job at a restaurant I really like. As I waited on my first customer, I suggested that he try the apple pie, because it's my favourite. He looked up at me and said, "Yeah? Figures! Lay off 'em, porky!" FML
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TrackGirl19 29

That was incredibly rude of him. Don't let a dick comment get to you!

people are not smart to be rude to the people who handle their food.


TrackGirl19 29

That was incredibly rude of him. Don't let a dick comment get to you!

Or let it get to you and lose some weight

skyttlz 32

This FML got changed. I saw it when I was moderating. The original version said that she just got over an eating disorder and weighs 98 pounds.

Customers are just assholes. I have several people come through my check-out lane treating me like dirt because we enforce the "customer is right, even when wrong" policy.

jw90 18

I would of shoved that pie right in his face. I hate when customers are rude to me for no reason. Like "what the fuck did I do to you?"

Ch_rae5 19

if I were her/him I would buy my favorite pie and charge it on his check.

This proves it once and for all... Canadians really are evil.

brokenman5 6

Yeah I used to be the same till I decided to change my life and no one made fun of me anymore

thegravytrain 6

Was it rude? Yes. No stranger has the right to say something like that to you. However- not in the guy's defense, as he committed a social violation, but to the OP only- just because somebody insults you, does not mean their insult is untrue, or that you should not fix a problem. Denial is never a good thing. I see more and more people lately using the "omg people are so rude to me!" excuse, to somehow validate what they do wrong. Fat people do it (I'm comfortable with my weight so everyone else should think I'm sexy and healthy!); cheaters do it (he/she yelled at me for cheating! Therefore, my cheating is ok). etc. The fact is- If you are overweight, you are likely going to die younger, you will have more medical complications, your life will not be as active nor as fulfilling, and you will not get as much of an attractive partner or by extension have the most attractive children, if you are overweight. It is a MEDICAL problem. And fat does NOT equal curvy. And thick, IS fat. It just isn't "obese" level of fat.. yet. Just because it's rude for somebody to comment on your weight publicly, does not mean that you should not be actively working out every single day to fix your weight. YES OBESITY IS A FLAW THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. Stop acting like it isn't. And also- like some have said- you should expect a**hole comments from people, because sadly (it sucks but it is what it is) many people in general tend to be rude. I hate those kinds of people, but yes, they exist. Now to the OP. You probably have a lot of goals in life. College, future plans, traveling... Won't getting in shape help all of those plans? I mean, studying in college is easier when you are in shape and don't feel tired all the time. Traveling is much easier, you can do fun things like jet skiing, running, playing volleyball on the beach, whatever you like. You are more likely to be hired for just about any job, if you are in shape. Offensive? Perhaps. But true nonetheless! You ladies admit we have a patriarchal society, but then some of you ladies want to turn around and pretend that your weight ISN'T a factor in your job hiring process? Hahaaa get real! EVERY guy hires girls at least partially based on that even if it isn't a conscious decision. It may be subconscious, such as her being attractive makes him trust her more. (Women do this too; women trust in shape, well groomed guys more than fat, slovenly guys.) My suggestion OP, is 1) Surround yourself with positive people so you aren't constantly being INSULTED (can't help work though); but, also, 2) ADMIT TO YOURSELF you have a weight issue, and FIX IT. Don't cry when somebody bursts that fantasy bubble you have going. Trust me your life will be much better once you admit you have an issue, and fix the issue. It's like a room being dirty. You can't ever find anything, it looks disgusting, you lose motivation and don't want to invite people over... Yet it's very easy to pretend your room isn't messy... But once you do admit it, you HAVE to clean it once you admit it to yourself because it will bug you until you do. Then once you start cleaning it? You INSTANTLY feel better! =) So go forth OP

cmath_fml 19

Did anyone actually fully read #95? That was quite a dissertation!

My, someone has a bee in their bonnet. Out of does someone else being overweight affect you personally? A cheater demeans and hurts their partner, a horrible person demeans and hurts people around them, an immoral politician can demean and hurt entire sections of society, an overweight person...might pinch a couple of chips off of your plate? Being overweight is not a moral issue. If someone chooses to lose weight, it should be because they want to improve their health, not just because some creep in a restaurant, or Knight Templar on the internet, tried to bully them into it. Everyone's been hit over the head with the fact that being overweight, along with smoking and drinking, is bad for you. People know this. The fast food, alcohol and tobacco companies thrive regardless. And I've yet to hear of bystanders being affected by "secondary fat," or getting attacked or hit by a car because someone had one slice of cake too many. OP, if your manager is halfway reasonable, ask them for advice on how to deal with rude customers. If they're not, turn to your colleagues - most of them will have some kind of strategy for dealing with idiots like this without getting fired.

Beepbeep7 14

There for a minute I thought the Abercrombie and Fitch guy used fml.You are a fucking asshole.What right do you think you have to preach to people about their weight? If she wants to lose weight then that is her personal choice.The comment the customer made was rude and unwarranted just like the one you made.And your little smiley face at the end doesn't make you any less of a fucking douche.

diarheea101 11

Shut up. Some people just CAN'T lose weight, even if they try, whether it's a diet or exercising. Go fall in a hole.

I would've refused to serve him!

You can get fired if you refuse to serve someone, no matter how rude they are. My mom tells me about how she gets cussed out by people because they're mad at the company she works for, and all she can do is just stand there and smile and try to get them on their way.

Not me, I'd loooooove to serve him! He'd get a few things in his food he didn't order! Never mess with the people that handle your food!

I don't know what the laws are like in France or Canada, so I don't know what to tell OP, or you 27, but you should know, 29, that in the US there are laws against harassment, and they are even more strictly enforced in the work place. And these laws do not only apply to employers and employees, but also to customers. Like I said, I don't know what the laws are like in Canada concerning harassment, but I suspect they're much like America's. Ridiculing someone for their weight or appearance is definitely harassment. If Canadian harassment laws are like America's then OP absolutely had the right to refuse to serve him. She wouldn't necessarily be able to have him removed from the restaurant, but she could at the very least have another server take care of him.

#46 - I am Canadian and it is the same here. Further, I once put up with a table that made me terribly uncomfortable due to sexual innuendos and afterwards my manager told me if I'm ever in that situation again, or if someone is inappropriate in any way (including comments like the above) I have the right to refuse them service and to get the manager to deal with them. If it's any different, it's the workplace, not the law and OP (or anyone else) should find a better place to work.

Where I work, we have the right to refuse service too-- FL. I bartend so I have to deal with assholes fueled by alcohol so I have more than my share! However. . . The comment made to the OP wouldn't necessarily qualify as something most managers would side with you. You just need to grow a thicker skin and bare it. The only time I ever have managers side with me and allowed me to refuse service was when a guest got rowdy and effected the patrons around.

I would have served him some of Minnie Jackson's special chocolate pie

Kefka91 15

Welcome to customer service; where the customers are dicks and your rights as a human being don't matter.

diving_fml 30

at least you know what's good where you work

Yes, there are customers that will appreciate that. There will also always be customers that are total a-holes. You've just got to let it role off your back and realize that every single person that ever encounters them will realize that they're an a-hole too. Just remember that you're professional and better and more pleasant than they will ever be.

people are not smart to be rude to the people who handle their food.

may be you can serve him poop pie OP.

Having worked in multiple restaurants before, I can say that I've never messed with someone's food even if they are an a-hole, because you know, karma and everything. BUT I have definitely seen it done on multiple occasions.

SarahAlleen 8

Well, in the US, you're smart not to spit in their food. It's a felony. >.> as for other ways of messing with food, I'm not sure.

It's only a crime if someone finds out, which is pretty hard to do unless they're stupid enough to leave a big floater on top. Things like that --and worse-- happen all the time. Be kind, or do not dine.

If someone is stupid enough to call their server overweight and especially in such a taunting way, I wouldn't care if you spit on their food and accidentally spilled his drink on him.

Welcome to the restaurant work, smile, shake it off and trash talk him in the kitchen.

Or have the entire kitchen spit on the food

Unfortunately that's what can happen in the service industry.

Dick move, but maybe he is right...

Who cares if he's 'right', he shouldn't be commenting on her body!

Woooow. You don't deserve that. Don't let this rude and inconsiderate prick get to you. Head up, continue service with a smile :)

You can't help it if they're good. I for one love apple pie

Dodge4x4Ram 46

people in here are too sensitive & can't take the truth

Just because her weight bothers him doesn't mean it bothers her.

If you don't have anything nice to say, then keep it to your damn self. Otherwise, dine at your own risk :-x.

I'm going to assume that you have never worked in the fast food industry? People are complete assholes.

#12 , you are right. But you can't just go (in this website at least) and say things like that. True people here can't take the truth. See if someone calls me fat, I laugh my ass of. Because I have been skinny before. If a fat person has never been skinny. He or she might be insecure about his or her body. So just keep it to yourself man. Or go to YouTube or Facebook and post a "is funny because he's fat" comment. Idk.