By aeghw1s - 09/06/2011 11:50 - United States

Today, I started my new job at a restaurant. I am going to be the mascot that stands by the road to wave down customers in a heavy polyester animal suit. The high today is 102. I work 12-4. FML
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better drink a lot of fluid

at least you have a job...


at least you have a job...

Damn it. I was just going to say "inb4poststhatsayatleastyouhaveajob". Darn you number 1.

u got a job, stop crying. i also work in the heat/cold/snow/ice/rain...suck it up, u signed up for it

MizzErikaHart 8

it is an fyl. op probably imagined working inside of the restaurant

armorf0r 7

not only that, but jobs like that pay well too.

Have any of you worked in a costume outside before? Because I have... and sometimes you don't "sign up for it". More like sometimes, you do whatever the fuck someone tells you to because you're grateful you have a job. OP may have been a restaurant worker that got the short end of the stick because they were the new guy. Good luck OP. Hope that thing has a fan...

Trupe 3

Don't complain about something you can change. Quit the job or suck it up.

NiqueKristan92 0

Don't pass out

it's only 4 hours too, that's should fly by in the heat-induced delirium

enonymous 8

I really hope you're going to be a lobster inside a large pot. that would be a sight to see

You should demand more money, and site Danger Pay

I hate the "At least you have a job" statement that people post. OP obviously hates the job but he/she has to do it for some reason! I would complain if I had a shit job, but I wouldn't expect anyone to fix the situation for me. I would however expect some fucking sympathy you heartless lot!

PurpleRae420 0

That suxs hun hope you can get it thru it fast and then as soon as your done run to your car and turn the air conditioning in it may not be much but atleast you'll feel a lil kool air

are you a mailman?

pretty much everyone has gotten a shitty job at some point or another. thats life. but you still get a paycheck from it. a lot of people arent that fortunate right now.

#69 it is an FML because the high temperature is in those 4 hours not because the shift is 4 hours long. #123 you are completely right. But everyone here would also be complaining is THAT is their job and in those circumstances.

Fakeddd 0

if he works for Golden Corral, you've seen the commercials. Don't flip out!

why do people say that, I got my job no effort, all you have to do is apply.

Majoring in art doesn't sound so great now, does it?

You're awesome sauce, you can do it! (:

aubrey1 0

I second that(:

How do you know OP is awesome sauce? What if op is like a child molester? jeez

whybother8 0

awsome sauce! with fries...

take one for the team...

Sweatsuit cocktail is today's special. Go knock 'em dead OP!!

better drink a lot of fluid

and pee it out in the :p

pedobear "I'm hot"

Yinky_Unbanned 0

Start learning some dance moves ;P

You'll probably get free drinks from the least. I'm sorry for you

Water is free though and in that situation it's the only thing you should be drinking. Soda will dehydrate you.

hey well at least if you are over weight you deff won't be when you are done today lol

Looks like someone took the phrase "burning fats" literally... *sigh*

Perhaps he was referring to water weight loss? That job will likely result in a net loss of water weight, even if OP is making a conscious effort to stay hydrated. The weight loss prediction is accurate, though not really valid in the context of obesity, since that refers to excess fats, not excess water.

iAmScrubs 19

Op, you are so lucky! People with that kind of job get ALL the girls.

KennKenn 0

Dwyane Wade is a better player, IMO

athena3100 9

what if the OP is a girl…?

A7X_LoVeee 10

29, ever heard of lesbians? ;)

She'll be in a beaver costume

bitches love beavers!

shift_love 13

just pee in it. it'll cool you down lol

pee is kinda..uh..warm.

Not after a long period of time :D

wait what about the smell 0.o