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I mean it's a site where you share the shitty parts of your day (no pun intended), so I don't know why everyone is jumping on this guy saying "It's your job, stop complaining!" Obviously OP knew what he was getting into when he became a janitor, but it sucks (especially on his first day) and therefore belongs on this site. We don't comment on every customer service FML saying "Well dealing with bad customers comes with the job! Get over it!"


At least he has a job. Do you have a job? He probably became a janitor to pay his bills and put food on the table.


well then he should be greatful for his job in this economy and stop complaining about things that are in his job description

It's a paycheck, dude. Either apply for the position the other guy had, or take your money and swallow your pride like the rest of us. :

OP, what part of being a janitor don't you understand? Even I suck it up and clean the bathrooms at work, and I'm not a janitor. So shut the fuck up and be glad you have a job.

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