By broke - Canada
Today, I started my new job as a dishwasher, and was very excited since I've been broke for weeks. A few people dined and dashed, apparently for the first time in the restaurant's history. My boss is superstitious. She fired me. FML
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  DrMime  |  10

Washing dishes at Gusteau's restraunt used to be my promising career, until I contracted 'Mime-itus'. Now all I can do is create force feilds and turn invisible, totally less incredible than dish washing.

*French accordion music*

  Jkolbly  |  11

Hey, that's my line. Except I use it on myself more than others. (it works best when someone calls me special in a nice way, and I add the Ed after a quick pause)

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Here's a question, since op didn't specify their gender tell me why the boss would have to be a guy? Or any gender? Can only men harass sexually? What if the boss was a guy, and so was op? Can he sue then? The boss is a guy, just like you said. Or what if they were both women? Or a female boss and a male op? What are you saying sir?


73- Here's an answer. OP clearly said that it was a she who fired him/her. Are you following along? Also, chill with the feminist shit. 5 was only saying that OP should sue the boss if he was a guy, because it is more common for men to be sexually harassing women then the other way around, but it doesn't matter because neither of you can read.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

#73's reading skills are just fine. The point was that the OP did not specify the OP's gender, not that the bosses gender was unspecified. The other point was perfectly valid as well which was what does the bosses gender matter when it comes to such an accusation. Men can sexually harass other men, women can sexually harass men, and women can sexually harass women.
They were not saying that the OP should go claim sexual harassment. It was only that saying "if your boss is a guy report him for sexual harassment" is frakking stupid because such a crime is not gender specific.
Therefore YOU should learn to read and stop being so damn bitchy for no reason.


No, I'm not at school. Maybe you should put your iPod down and learn the difference between "your" and "you're" while you're at school rather than stalking my comments.


Awsumuzie, words can be deceiving. I'm actually a 58 year old raging alcoholic living in my uncles basement waiting on my cracker and bologna lunch right now. The only time I'm allowed to leave is on Thursday nights between 6-7 pm. I go to the local pub to sing karaoke. Rick Springfield doesn't have shit on me.

By  perdix  |  29

Since it was your family that did it, she's not off the mark.

You have to tell your freeloading family that just because you have the lowliest job at a restaurant, they can't get free food there.