By sydneyp3435 - 11/06/2013 04:39 - United States - Boerne

Today, I started my job at a kids summer camp. The first little girl to arrive told me to close my eyes and open my hand because she had a "surprise" for me. Yep, a dead, decomposed sparrow covered in all sorts of bugs sure is a surprise. FML
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That joke flew right over our heads...

What a wonderful way to start your new job! Maybe tomorrow you will get a squirrel?


Kids these days..

To be honest, I did these sort of things when I was a child too. Children are curious little monsters. They are adorable, but viciously sneaky at times.

Hmm, the only bad thing I ever really did as a kid, was throw a rock through my window.. But usually I just ran around with friends, trying not to get in trouble.

Well, I guess I grew up differently, when I was younger we kids never did this crap, the most we did was pull pranks on each other, but not our elders. We knew if we ever did that we'd get beaten, and that kept us out of trouble, it's a damn shame parents these days don't discipline their kids well enough. If you take something away from them they won't learn anything, but if you beat them, they know not to do it again. I'm not talking like beat them to the point where child services needs to be called, but enough to send the message that they should behave.

#45, I'd like to point out that kids have been pulling crazy shit for hundreds of years. A "prank" common in Victorian England was to hide a razorblade in a bar of soap, so when someone washed with the soap they'd take a big chunk out of themselves.

What a wonderful way to start your new job! Maybe tomorrow you will get a squirrel?

yup, don't think OP is gonna be trying that one again!

I like squirrels...

Of course, then OP can get a plaque and display all the wonderful, rotting corpses above the board as a thank you for all the children to see and know that OP appreciates their gifts!

Is it that special needs camp Lake Tardicaca?

Dude I'm pretty sure not a lot of people with Mental Illness would do that.

Why is your lake titicaca not filled with boobs and poop?

Its probably my favorite episode of south park ever made, but if you insist on not remembering...

Well,she did say it was a surprise,doesn't always mean it's a good one.

She already likes you!

Good job, or she may be next.

"Close your eyes and open your hand" usually means "whatever you do, DON'T close your eyes and open your hand."

When you encounter this situation, you play along with the open hand but you leave your eyes open yet closed enough so it looks like you're not peeking. Long story short, I cheated a lot at hide-and-seek when I was little.

I would have peaked a little. I never trust words like that, especially "close your eyes and open your mouth". :P

Why would you even listen to her? If she tells you jump off a cliff you'll do it? Lol

First rule of summer camp: don't close your eyes if a kids tells you, especially if its a" surprise".