By Not dying. - 21/04/2015 07:55 - United Kingdom - Watford

Today, I started getting really bad chest pains at work. I googled it and the internet convinced me I was having a heart attack. Scared for my life, I started to dial for an ambulance when I let out the biggest fart you could ever imagine. Turns out it was trapped gas. FML
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A "fart attack," if you will.

Never use the Internet to check your symptoms. Never.


A "fart attack," if you will.

Let it goooooo!

Medical term: Myocardial infartion.

Hahah lmao. Don't down vote #15 he is referring to Lovato

#29 thanks for sharing knowledge

Thank you for this. It's the best thing I've seen in a long time :D

Do you watch Parks and Recreation by any chance?

Though it was loud, the better question is how long was it...

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofffffffffffffffffff. This fart attack...

best comment ever.

Never use the Internet to check your symptoms. Never.

But how else would I know that I have swollen appendages with irate smacking syndrome?!

ouch, I hit my elbow and it hurts... Web MD "elbow cancer" damn, I'm dead

You either have cancer or you're pregnant..

...or both. Your cancer is pregnant.

I put minor leg cramps into webmd and it said I had a broken leg

At least it didn't say you were an amputee, then you KNOW it's bullshit.

The international is good, however it's always the worst case scenario.

The Internet has a list of causes as long as your arm for every symptom you could ever have... Chances are good that if the Internet is telling you it's a heart attack, it's probably not a heart attack.

Look, all of us have thought we had aids, cancer, etc. because of the internet. Don't feel bad.

Hahahah if any such things happen again please go to a room where no ones there.

You used WebMD, didn't you?

I was just about to say that. Last time I used that site, I swore I was dying from the plague, when it was just food poisoning.

Googling symptoms always seems to give you the worst possible scenario. And if you're a girl the symptoms always mean you're pregnant

Yup, cancer doesn't even come close to the little parasite that will suck your life force and money for the foreseeable future ;).

Guess you had a brain fart

What did the Internet have to say about that?

girl or guy let it out. caring about other people's reaction will only hurt your self.