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Today, I started a sport journalism degree. I was the only female out of 60 students. The lecturer started talking about how we should all aspire to become sports editors of national newspapers. Later, he said women have no chance of ever becoming sports editors. FML
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  KogMaw  |  6

Maybe because I'm from a male dominated engineering group I understand lecturers in general making sexist remarks without meaning it. Most apologise if you bring it up, 'cause they just don't think before making the remark.

  chey296927413  |  3

But, just because they don't think before they act doesn't give them an excuse. Most times the first thing out of someone's mouth is going to be there honest opinion, not a fabricated one to make people feel good. And, if you look at America today, more and more women are bringing in the money while the man sits on the couch playing video games all day. i.e. 112

  jeffandjeff  |  22

It's not that guys don't think women can do what guys can, its that guys think women can't do it as well. For certain things anyway. I am not saying men are better and girls are inferior, just that different genders are better suited for different things. It goes both ways though, girls are usually better than guys at certain tasks (taking care of people, caring and helping people, planning stuff, etc.) Or if you picked 11 random guys and 11 random girls and had a football game odds are the guys would win. I didn't say they would every single time, anyway if I said anything offensive or sexist or whatever my bad, I'll ride my dinosaur home now.

By  DogsPaw  |  16

Yah women used to be nothing and couldn't become anything... We proved that shit wrong. Now we are CEO of major companies Commanders in the military etc.

  alycion  |  38

Print really is dying. Television is finding ways of cutting costs and going on skeleton crews. The net really is killing the news industry. Though many females have excelled in sports coverage.

I've always warned people wanting in the news industry to think long and hard. It is a fun job. Crap hours, crap pay. I do think it's something worth experiencing in the short term though. I'm glad I did it for all of those years. I'm also glad I got out.