By Anonymous - 12/12/2012 02:53 - United States - New Orleans

Today, I started a new job. I'm now trapped in a small office with a woman who says, "Oh my gravy!" constantly. In response to everything. FML
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New drinking game?

karen1991 15

You should have said "mashed potatoes!!"


New drinking game?

scarface90 8

Calling HR department: "sir, we got an intoxicated employee with his pants down, touching himself while yelling at the woman in his office that he's going to show her some real gravy" HR boss: Shit! Not again...


Ed says gravy, but oh my gravy is just odd.

I hate when people lay out what they think is a humorous scenario in the annoying

Why is 57 getting down voted? It's a how I met your mother reference. Robin always says 'But, um.' On the local news as an anchorwoman, and college students watched it and took a shot every time she said but, um.

karen1991 15

You should have said "mashed potatoes!!"

Or just mutter something like "Holy son of a bloody twat-fucking cunt shit-wanker." under your breath every time anything bad or shocking happens to make her feel really uncomfortable. When the boss is out of earshot, of course.

lesserofallevils 9

Son of a biscuit :/ why didn't I think of that

Karalela44 15

Lol my mind went straight to Brock's Dub xD

Oh my what? That's weird as fuck.

Not that weird. My stepdad and his mom say "Lord love a duck" in place of "Oh my God".....a lot.

Pegasister_fml 5

My friend says "Fudge a duck!" ._.

Oh my mashed potatoes!

This would lead me to homocide.

Or to falcon punch some one and get fired loll xD

You'd kill a gay person?

You could say "Give me some of your gravy!" or not, your choice.

Is her name Brenda?

My name is Brenda..... Oh my gravy, that is awkward.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Just yell back, "OH MY GLOB!"

That's so math

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Yeah, it's pretty math, you psychopath!

What the lump?!

Don't encourage/provoke the beast .. She may get angry, whip out some gravy and try to eat your ass

CharresBarkrey 15


SystemofaBlink41 27

You son of a bass!

Oh my glob you guys! DRAMA BOOOOOMB!

I'm reminded of Bella Swan and her 'Holy Crow!' comments...

or DJ from Full House saying 'oh my lanta'

CharresBarkrey 15

You got it, dude!

Sounds like "Mormon swearing". Growing up Mormon and living in a small town where half the population is LDS, I've heard weird sayings like this a lot.

CharresBarkrey 15

My favorite Mormon curse word is "frick" (not really, I fucking hate when people say that)

So true! My family is LDS and my grandma always says "oh heavens to Betsy!"

Steve95401 49

To quote Napoleon Dynamite, "Fricking idiot, gosh!".

Link5794 18

"Son of a gunhorse!" -Toby Turner