By maidmyday - United States
Today, I started a new job as a maid. As I was cleaning the master bedroom's en-suite bathroom, the owners of the house came in and started making love. I was too scared to admit I was there, but after there was silence for a few minutes I thought it might be safe to leave. It wasn't. FML
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By  Uvula  |  0

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  Zeek63  |  0

Op should have started taking a giant vicious loud shit. That way you'd have the element of surprise! Make sure they know you are there make them feel awkward!

By  SiLveRStaRLIGHT  |  0

I would have most likely done the same thing. I wouldn't come bursting out in the middle of that! Awkward...
They obviously forgot they hired a maid. It's kind of their fault for having sex while you were there. They could have waited.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Why were they supposed to assume the maid was there? She could have been elsewhere, for all they knew.
I agree that I wouldn't jump out during all that too. Besides, ruins the mood, and I wouldn't want to do that.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Depends. Sometimes, maids are fulltime, always around.
But it doesn't matter; she was in the bathroom, so if they checked the bedroom, they wouldn't have seen her. Checking around everywhere just because you have a maid kills the mood (as in, if they just came in and got started, they were probably pretty passionate, and so only thought to glance around the bedroom), and also, like I said, for all they knew she could have easily been elsewhere, so they shouldn't have to automatically assume she's going to be there.

  ananamoose  |  0

Agreed, if you were a bloke, you would think, these people are arguing and fighting and arguing and fighting and arguing and fighting and one more time arguing and fighting. And than being a bloke you would think back to the time when you lived in london, and everyone talked in really heavy accents, and you always walked around and said also in an accent "You sound like your from london." And they would say shut up bloke, no one likes talking to you anyway, and than you'd say yea "Well I don't need you because I don't need anyone." And you would run back to your shack, take the picture off the wall climb in the hole that was behind it, and cry. You would cry and cry and cry because you knew that you did need them, and you were hoping that they needed you too, but when you realized that they didn't you accepted it and said to the world, it's ok I will be alright, but no one listened making you feel even more alone, therefor moving to America(FUCK YEA) and reading FML to somehow brighten your day with how it goes and the things needed to keep it from going into, so you could help those other guys out...

By  caancoha  |  0

Shut up, 8. You're so irritating. I honestly don't give a shit if someone replies to the top. It's the fuckers like YOU who complain that piss me off.

OP, I would demand a raise!

By  newbzoors  |  0

So they just came in, and you had NO TIME to show you were there before they started? So basically what you are saying is in the first 5 seconds of being there, they started having sex? Really?