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Today, I spotted a $100 bill on the ground. Being a little strapped for cash, I excitedly picked it up. I discovered it was one of those religious tract papers made to look like a folded bill, with a message scolding me for being greedy. FML
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By  nickharbut  |  6

Same thing happened to me. But mine was a million dollars. Lol.


I'm sorry #1,

Because the country you live in must have super high inflation if your nations paper money bills are printed as millions of units ($ or € or ¥)

And I thought the U.S.A had bad inflation lol silly me ha ha.

  imustbeinsane  |  2

Every fucking bill is similar from a distance, he probably picked it up thinking it was real and then realized it was just the wrath of God. Quit unleashing the thumbs on him

  raney150  |  0

I would have picked it up even if the economy was going fine. It's extra money. Unless you see who dropped it, you can't return it to the owner. So no harm done.

  ladyLALAA  |  28

I agree, shouldn't they be helping people. There's an abortion clinic near my work and there is always at least 3 of them standing outside praying/picketing. They should do something that's actually constructive.


7- This is completely unrelated to the FML but I'm seemingly unable to message you on my app currently. You should check out The Black Dahlia Murder and Necrophagist if you haven't already done so. Also, BMTH is TERRIBLE live. Pray For Plagues is pretty much their only good song, and they don't even do that one well live.


Why have I been buried? I was merely passing on a bit of information. I introduced the comment by pointing out that I wasn't able to send it in a message. Lighten up, guys. I actually put some effort into using other channels before I sent it via a comment.

  Pudagiah  |  12

To keep Jehovah's witnesses away, all you need to do is scratch your crotch very obviously and/or pick your nose and then offer your hand for shaking. Then tell them you're already Christian/Buddhist/Muslim etc. etc. etc.

  rubberduckie94  |  13

I got rid of them one day because I actually had the flu and when I answered the door was coughing and snuffing all over. I never knew they were that afraid of germs, but the beat a trail off my porch pretty fast.

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

Exactly like 97 said- All you have to do is tell them politely you're not interested and they don't come back. Everyone saying ridiculous things like scratch your balls is an idiot. That's not why they didn't come back. They didn't come back because you stated you weren't interested. It's not that big of a deal. They're following what the bible says they should do- spread the word of the lord. At least they're not hypocrites like pretty much every other religion.

By  starman02  |  12

Ah come on.. You didn't pick up the bill because you were "strapped for cash" .. Ya seen money and grabbed er. Totally sucks that it was a fake bill though. You shoulda just grabbed it.. Hooked it on a fishing line then had some fun ;)