By Anonymous - 12/01/2013 20:12 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I spontaneously poured my heart out for my boyfriend, telling him how much I love and adore him. He answered by leaning in close, saying "Jolly good" in an affected accent, and burping loud and clear in my ear. FML
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nycwrestler 17

Sounds like you made him feel awkward, OP. A for effort, though.

That was his way of saying he loves you too!


Mads_1234 28

Eww, sorry OP.

It could have been worse, he could have bit her.

What does biting have to do with this FML?

It's okay, I'm sure OP with gladly accept your apology.

blcksocks 19

You don't have to apologize. Everyone has a different way to acknowledge things. Mine is to do a chicken dance... And I ain't sorry for that.

Could of been worse.. Could have said "cool story bro".

nycwrestler 17

Sounds like you made him feel awkward, OP. A for effort, though.

X_Codes 11

Awkwardness or no... how does someone even come up with this? So weird...

Grauncho 27

He sounds loge a jolly waste of time.

Perhaps he was drunk?

hey, he is a good enough boyfriend to get OP to love and adore him, so i doubt this is common behavior. we can all be idiots at the wrong time sometimes trying to be funny.

Hey at least he thought it was jolly good! And his accent was affected so that means something. Besides you can feel good knowing your a jolly good girlfriend!

Affected means fake not affectionate..

I know I meant it in the sense of all her loving words had an effect on him.

It's the language of love. Just take it in, while holding your breathe that is.

I'm not saying dump him, but seriously reassess your relationship with that friend. He's got issues for sure. :

nycwrestler 17

Sounds more like she is overly attached.

She'll be the new Pete poop.

At least we knew petepoop was a troll. This one thinks they are intelligent.

That was his way of saying he loves you too!

VScpu 3

Didn't you know OP, that is how it is done in Britain

For as many days as I am doomed to suffer on this miserable rock, I will never truly understand why people with even one iota of intelligence choose to suffer in such relationships. It will never last. Good luck in the meantime.

Your profile picture should be Eeyore, not Horton.

No offense, but I noticed it's mostly people who can't get someone they like to like them back who say things like that. I'm in a happy relationship and I'm quite sure I possess more than one iota of intelligence.

nunu76 4

lol miserable rock..tru dat ill nvr gt it either..dump his dumb ass n as The great Johnny Walker says- keep walkin

Atleast he gave you a positive response and did not stare blankly right at you before resuming a movie.

Sounds like you should tell him "Cheerio, old chap!"