By anon - 31/05/2012 13:43 - United Kingdom - Wareham

Today, I spilled loose face powder on myself while applying my make-up. My sister subsequently walked in on me vacuuming my crotch. FML
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"I swear it's not what it looks like!"

Explain what happened, she may be suspicious, but it's worth a try.


Guys find pleasure with vacuum so I hear. Girls... I have no idea...

Explain what happened, she may be suspicious, but it's worth a try.

Or creep her out by asking if she wants to try..

Cosmos is right

What a douche.

i would take a shower instead of trying to vacuum it off

I wouldn't even take a shower. It's face powder. Wipe it off.

87 wiping it off would make a mess all over her clothes. Simply standing up and shaking it off works!

72 - I believe that she was vacuuming the powder off her clothes, and if she was getting ready to go out, there would be no time to wash the clothes.

"I swear it's not what it looks like!"

It definitely is.

I always find myself blurting that out when I'm watching a movie and my parents ironically burst in during a sex scene :P

She's trying to give her vag a hickey. It's definitely what it looks like

84- Maybe it's just me, but a hickey on the genitalia sounds extremely painful.

Just imagine if she were a guy.

#88 I thought I was the only one...

88- And disgusting

At least you'll have a "pretty" vagina to go with your "pretty" face? Sounds like you were caking the stuff on...

How did you come to the conclusion she was caking it on? There's no hint of that anywhere here.

I actually do not know. One of my very stupid, jump to conclusion comments. My sincerest apologies, Shark.

You're lucky you apologized. I was feeling particularly hungry.

Nibble on some toes, it works for me.

Actually she is a he... Just pointing it out Now my question is why is a guy wearing loose powder?

71 - Erm, no "she's" not.

Actually, she is a SHE. It shows the gender in the FML. So, it isn't weird for them to be putting on the powder.

Who said it was a guy

Who cares if it's a guy; if they wanna wear powder on their face then they can fucking go for it. Who are you to judge? Even though we all know OP is a girl, I'm just saying people should be allowed to wear what they like. Ok, I'm done with my 2 cents now, thanks.

107 - That's beside the point... We're just trying to make it clear that OP is a GIRL, because somebody stated OP was a BOY.

Whatever it takes to keep things clean.

And what was your excuse? XD

"I was trying to find the condom from last night." Or "I forgot the condom last night. I'm trying to suck out the sperm."

I hate when that happens. :/

This happens to you frequently?

Obviously this girl is constantly vacuuming her crotch, it is no longer a surprise.

Pretty sure it was a joke guys...

60-Pretty sure they knew it was a joke.

I don't know... She sounds serious... If it's a joke, We all just got played... Haha...

You mean to say you guys don't? You're missing out. Ask Doofy, but not when he's cleaning his room!

I think she just means she hates spilling powder on herself haha, because this happens to me too and it sucks when it does!

Your life sucks.

I think he was attempting a very lame pun...

nah i think u guys r just mad

You were just simply testing the vibrations...?

That sounds sketchier than if OP said absolutely nothing at all.

Blowdryers have vibrations? Wtf?

97- I don't know about blow dryers. But vacuums do.

Lock the door?

I want to know why he was puting it on honestly.

Well I suppose I wouldn't know seeing as im not one to put on makeup (I.e guy). But if this situation happened, I would lock the door to avoid this type of situation!