By Chocolaty - Australia - Geelong
  Today, I spiced things up by lying on the bed and pouring melted white chocolate on myself. I called out to my fiancé to come in. He was 'checking' his favourite scene in Batman vs Superman and couldn't hear me. I was stuck unable to move for ten minutes until he finally heard me. FML
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  prinzess_fml  |  25

Yes I do, and I know how chocolate works as well. If the chocolate is spread in a thin layer on the stomach and intimate parts, unless the room is really cool, the body temperature won't let it harden. It might get drier after a while though.

Have you already held a piece of chocolate in your hand for five minutes?

  Bunnyluver  |  20

I find it's best to just not respond after a second comment. I think it depends on the chocolate and if Op says it hardened after 10 minutes, then who am I to argue with someone I don't know or haven't been there with.

  JustTheTruth42  |  13

32 let me teach you about chocolate. For one not all chocolate is the same. It varies from brand to bran. Second there's this fun method called tempering chocolate that is done correctly will make chocolate more durable to heat. Meaning one's body heat wouldn't be able to melt it on contact.

  prinzess_fml  |  25

I give up. You guys really did take it seriously. Fml is a serious matter after all. Peace!

(btw 8 more innocent people really did die in Munich today -- All my thoughts and love to their families)

  dannidoll93  |  24

Probably because it's the word he used- I.e. Quotation marks to indicate a a direct quote.

  species4872  |  19

Because that's what he said he was doing obviously and she was skeptical. Can't you's read between the lines?

  scyth3s  |  13

The most likely scenario if he was checking the scene is that he argued with someone about exactly what was said, and was checking to see who was correct.

  tj4234  |  35

The only thing that would have saved that movie would have been if Warner Brothers sacked the entire production team who worked on it and replaced them all. Zack Snyder is an awful director, he puts too much in his films without fleshing the story out.

By  khadishja  |  12

why white chocolate?

  Flyndaran  |  10

Please see a doctor or exorcist if your ejaculate is exiting bleach white and as viscous as tar. Also it's spelled come. I hate this modern hatred of proper spelling using 70s porn fiction to learn English.