By Holly Jolly - 26/12/2011 06:33 - United States

Today, I spent the day crying, and ate McDonald's for my Christmas dinner. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

Don't be sad! Let's put a McSmile on that face ! :3

Forever Alone.


Your probably better then that but mcdonalds is pretty delicious.

It really is idk why people hate on it so much

hellbilly205 17

Damn your Mc Donald's was open yestarday? I was gonna grab some for dinner, yesterday no lie but i was closed.

51, it's because how they make their food and what's in it. My sister went to McDonald's and saw the person scratching her head then picking out the patty without any gloves. And the patty itself looked like a cow crapped on it. And watch a video on how they make cow patties. You'd be surprised

Confuciussay 6

Don't forget the amount of grease they use my friend used to work there and he told me that some times they don't change out the grease for weeks.

My friend worked for Maccas and said they're really strict with hygiene. That she had to wash her hands every fifteen minutes etc. So not all fast food places are dodgy like those mentioned.

Are you serious!?!? It keeps getting worse and worse and so I finally gave up on that. There are better options that DON'T fuck up your order every single time without fail.

hellbilly205 17

Aw you dummy you put "i" instead of "it" shame on you *sends myself to timeout for messing up*

blackstar994 5

76- the one here was closed too!!! And they need to stop hating on McDonalds. People are still gonna eat it, so stop trying to stop people from eating it.

Forever Alone.

^Forever an asshole

I heard from a reliable source of information that he is, in fact mad.

Im2Handsom 1

Chill the fuck out

I'm not mad. If I was, them i'll be all "you're an idiot, learn something, fuck you" bullshit. BTW who is that reliable source??

28- Google knows everything.

Mcdonald's is delicious.

Awe heres a hug q(:D)p

Would u like fries and a milkshake?

laxbro182 1

28- you're an idiot

shenanigans. McDonald's was closed on Christmas

Kindly explain why am I an idiot laxbro182? Your pointless drivel just wasted precious seconds of my life. Now I'm a few minutes closer to death, thanks a lot jackass.

rallets 22

from precious seconds to a few minutes, the story of time travel starring all of us, directed by steven spielberg now opening at cinema near you, check local listings

Please stop talking Rallets.

theevilduchess 12

Rallets, you make me giggle.

frankothetanko 0

they were open on christmas? well if I would've known I would've done the exact same thing (including the crying part) it's a great way to pick up forever alone girls

ashtonkay 7

Aww ): I ate jack in the box for Christmas..

Merry Christmas! I had ham like lots of other people! I'm finally normal!

blackstar994 5

48, your heads to the side and creepy looking... It's a tie between 1 and 3... Who should I thumb up? Or down.

When I read tht FML I was thinking to myself tht I should post "forever alone" great minds think alike :D

I had the same thought when i first read it.

Buttsexpirate 9

Don't be sad! Let's put a McSmile on that face ! :3

aww so sweet :)

Jeez, talk about "Ronald McRapist"

You remind me of Ronald McDonald. I HATED Ronald McDonald!

I love your username!

SystemofaBlink41 27

*in insecure voice* so you're saying you hate this guy-uaaaah?

Hey a big mac solves all.

Except for obesity

Forever Alone. Sucks OP :/

I'd say your forever alone right about now. No worries here's a hug. HUG.

hellbilly205 17

Why exactly did you feel the need to post forever alone in two diffrent comments?

Dam straight. Mcds is nice, but ur prob nicer :)

Sadly, your grammar isn't so nice.

BayleeWasHere 1

Good three ^

hyrax77 0

^ Good four! :D

kdog333 1

oh trying to pick up chicks on FML are we? this is just sad.

Did you get the mcnuggets with the red BBQ and green apple dipping sauces? How festive of you!

Chaos187 6

Dang op I'm sorry. I hope you get feeling better! Don't let things keep you down, you just need to hold you head held high.

fat_bastard_607 0

that's What happens when you force your parents to kick you out because you can't stop drinking, stealing your mom's prescription meds, and fucking guys in the room right next to your little brother. whore.

Wendy's is better.

adamcichuttek 2

Obvious troll is obvious.

Asiago Ranch Chicken Club, best sandwich out there! Baked potato with extra chives instead of fries, thank you! (:

:D MARRY ME!!!!! haha