By Anonymous - 30/07/2014 08:21 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I spent six hours at the ER. Why? My husband dared our seventeen-year-old son to recreate a 'Jackass' trolley-hedge diving stunt at the local supermarket. What wasn't on my groceries list was a broken arm, fractured wrist, whiplash and cuts and bruises. FML
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Dodge4x4Ram 46

parenting at its finest hour

Didn't they always say before every Jackass movie to not try this at home.


Dodge4x4Ram 46

parenting at its finest hour

SerenaSerenadex3 13

I'm pretty sure the movies tell you to not try it at home..

But nitwits like this do it anyways.

30- but they weren't at home. They just found a way around the "don't try this at home" thing.

One time I ran out of jelly so I just made a peanut butter sandwich.

I'm pretty sure they switched it to "don't try to recreate the stunts you see" or they should. Also people have a hard time believing it, but some of them are professionals, or have professionals around. Steve-o for example went to clown college.

At least they gave you a discount.

Is there something that you read and I did not?

#19 I think they were just making a horrible joke that OP got the broken arm, fractured wrist, and such for free since it wasn't part of his/her grocery list.

Ain't nothin at the ER free. I'm pretty sure they charge you 50$ just to take your blood pressure and temperature then another 90$ to wait for 4 hours in agonizing pain on their uncomfortable ass plastic chairs. Don't even get me started on the 200$ a pill ibuprofen. Not jaded at all I swear.

In the UK all medical care is free

I always forget that about the UK. So used to paying for doctors monthly vacations here in the US I forget it's done differently elsewhere.

No charge to you. It is definitely not free. Nothing is free.

I wish my dad was that cool.. Sorry about your wasted 6 hours/medical bill though.

Generally, endangering one's son's well-being isn't considered "cool". Unless you're into extreme sports where, you know, safety precautions are taken into consideration.

I ride motocross and snowboard so id say I do extreme sports, yes we do take safety precautions. His father dared him to do it. He wasn't forced to. I meant I wish my dad was cool and would dare me to do stuff like that (not necessarily this specific stunt).

You've got one responsible husband... And a genius son...

And the father daring his son to do this and the son actually doing so is considered "responsible" and "genius"? You and I have different definitions of those words.

Do you even know what sarcasm is...

I have to agree with #88. There is this thing called sarcasm that people use to patronize, tease, or make a point to other people, often saying the exact opposite of what they mean, which can be noted in their tone -______-

CurlyQute 17

And they both agreed to this why?

AnOriginalName 19

Because they're men. And we do stuff that sounds cool without thinking of the consequences until it's too late.

JMichael 25

^ what he said

I have a group of male friends that go around "nut checking" each other for sport. They all think it's funny when they can catch one off guard and bring him to the ground moaning in pain. I don't even pretend to understand the game.

#5: because men are just bigger children who are crazy. Example: My boyfriend decides to go jet skiing when there is a hurricane. His guy friends are cheering him on from the boat. I don't try to reason anymore.

Exactly *top answer*

Your husband and your son sound like very intelligent people.

They sound like a couple jackasses to me...

*hail hydra*

Lol you, you married that.

And birthed the other.

Your husband sounds Immature.

Respect101 17

Maybe not immature, just not boring and lazy. They tried to go do something, hey, it would have looked cool if they could have pulled it off.

Helmut Arias Rodriguez 21

You don’t say

DeltaDragonxx 20

If I had gotten hurt like that, my dad would laugh. then realize I'm not just being a bitch like always. then would most likely apologize for and hour or so

"Rub some dirt on it pansy!" "But dad I think it's broken!" "Gimme one of your fingers I'll show you broken!" I need to go watch major pain again....

I would hope those things weren't on your list