By annoym - 21/02/2012 11:49 - United States

Today, I spent my day creating a new type of laugh, and performing it in my head. FML
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Comments is this an fml? coming up with a new laugh is a fun thing to do

#1 - Oddly your comment made me think of the "Trollolololol" video and made me laugh! :D

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59- okay at least I'm not the only one who did too!

What a productive day! When do you plan on performing it for real?

I spent ages coming up with my laugh because my family has a terrible embarrassing laugh and I was too embarrassed to reveal it. It's quite hard to make it convincing

I'm like the guy from Men in Black. I smile like this "._."

Laughs shouldn't be fake they should be real and no one should be afraid of how messed up their laugh is let alone how your family laughs everyone is unique and how u laugh is one way it shines.

You were obviously born with the perfect tinkly little laugh, when I laugh naturally it sounds like I'm drunk not to mention I have almost no control over the volume of it, and no matter how unique it is it is embarrassing when everyone looks at you because you're laughing. So it's sort of necessary for me to put on a laugh.

I however have a very strange laugh and idgaf bout what people say its what makes u so they can suck a big one for all i give maybe u should learn to feel more self conscious bout it all

I Already am self conscious about it why should I learn to be more so?

Op made a new laugh, what part of that don't u get?

Today, I spent my day creating a new type of laugh, and performing it in my head. FML

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Probably that one part right in the middle.

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I spent a couple hours once tried to perfect a new walk

Me too. In 7" heels with a book on my head.(:

I can't seem to go above 5 inch heels. As a 6'3 man it gets really awkward and feels like I'm walking on stilts.

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As long as you have fun, right?