By peachmelba - Denmark
Today, I spent most of the day doing a project for school. When I finished, I got a call from my project partner. She couldn't finish her part because her internet didn't work. When I finally finished everything, I went on Facebook. She was on Facebook too. FML
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  _Vamp_  |  9

AGREED! I always end up with half-ass group partners that expect me to do all of the work.

  Jazze_fml  |  10

you think haveing lazy partners who does nothing is bad? try haveing patners whose entire contribution is taking vaugely related pictures of the internet plaster it all over the project and them being the only ones getting any kind of credit.
that's right my teacher told me " all that fact stuff was so boring and it was extra disapointing because of all the inspiering pictures".
this ofcourse comeing from the guy who get furious if you fell asleep in his boring as hell class.

  Doortje  |  29

Even if that was the case, OP's partner still sucks for not letting her know earlier and not finding a solution to the problem. She could've gone to the library, a friend's house etc.

  snakerake  |  10

I always use Facebook on my iPhone and i have to manually go offline or else it says I'm online even when I'm not. For instance I could be in the middle of a football game or something and it would show that I'm online to people.