By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Duns
Today, I spent half-an-hour trapped inside my dog's crate. The door locked behind me as I squeezed myself inside to stroke her. After bellowing at my family in the garden for what felt like an eternity, they came through just to laugh and take pictures. FML
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By  ScratchCatPower  |  32

Well, if you love your pet enough to squeeze into their cage, who cares if your family laughs at you? The pictures will show what a dedicated owner you are. All you need is love. :)

  smokecloud_  |  37

Eh, I've done it. Mine had an ear infection last summer and was not a fan of his ear drops, so locking myself in the crate with him made it a little easier. Of course I could get myself out so I'm really curious about the latches on OP's crate.

  chill99  |  15

Too bad you don't know that quotation marks are correctly used with technical terms, terms used in an unusual way, or other expressions that vary from standard usage. Oh, and you're an "ass", and I don't mean donkey.

By  MandyO  |  15

I was going to say that the crate doesn't seem very safe, because a kid could get trapped in there, but apparently it needs to be adult-proofed too.