By amazinghermit - 25/11/2014 04:21 - United Kingdom - Glasgow

Today, I spent an hour in my car terrified to go inside because I thought my house was being burgled. I saw rapid shadows in the light of my lounge. Eventually I plucked up the courage to creep inside with a rock to find it wasn't a robber. It was my cats, fighting in front of a toppled lamp. FML
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be happy! at least you're not getting cat burglarized!


Why is this an FML? You should be glad your house wasn't robbed :D Although an hour in your car seems annoying.

be happy! at least you're not getting cat burglarized!

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@12- If only there was a button for that.

if there was. it would've been a CATastrophe

I'm suprised you didnt call the cops

Your cat-like reflexes were good. Better to be safe then sorry though op. At least you are safe when it could have ended a lot worse .

Dude you need a pair

OP or the "dude" is a girl so she can't "grow a pair"

She needs a pair of glasses.

OP already has a pair of cats. I don't see how another pair would help.

Brings a whole new meaning to cat burglar.

Are you kitten me? That's pretty funny.

I guess you don't have nerves of steel.